Keto flu sucks

(beacheidi) #1

that’s pretty much it.

i was cocky. i thought because i generally eat clean i would not go through withdrawal. day 8 (i think – damn brain fog) and the gods got me good. dizzy. heavy breathing. nausea.

it sucks. that’s it.

(G. Andrew Duthie) #2

Add salt. Add fat.

Bone broth if you have it, and if you don’t, consider making some.

Hope it passes soon. It sucks, but it will pass.

(beacheidi) #3

Thank you for reminding me about bone broth! I have a box of it that I just pulled out. Will have after my workout in the morning.

(Jeff Ryan) #4

Yes make sure you have your electrolytes well lots of it to reduce the keto flu. I remember my transition to keto flu I just didn’t know the importancs of sodium and electrolytes in this diet. Every now and then I get a headache so I just up my electrolytes then an hour later my headache slowly disappear.


I drank 1 cube of warm Knorr’s beef bouillon twice a day, and still do on occasion. It helps immensely. It also helps quell mild hunger.

(Dustin Ewers) #6

A little suffering is a small price to pay for entrance into Valhalla!!!

Soon you shall experience the quickening and feel the power that is ketosis!!!

Seriously though. Just eat more fat. Like straight up chunks of butter from the fridge. Salt’s good too.

(AnnaLeeThal) #7

Fat and salt. Together. The good thing is that this is temporary.

(Casey Brown) #8

I’m having trouble with nausea. Every time I eat some food it’s like the fat makes me feel really nauseated. I could only get half way done with my chicken salad cause it was just too rich and made me feel sick. :frowning:


What was in your chicken salad?

(Casey Brown) #10

Chicken, mayo, bacon, cheddar cheese, garlic salt, onion powder, dried chives. It’s delicious, but halfway through it starts to seem gross. Hopefully that sensation will pass once I’ve been keto-ing for awhile!


That’s a lot of ingredient. I would try to simplify, and see if maybe it is one of those ingredient that is making you nauseous. My first guess is the mayo. Also I’ve found that since I’ve been keto adapted I get fuller faster. Sometimes I take have my breakfast with me and eat it as a morning snack at work. (I’ve NEVER not finished a meal with I was eating carbs!) Maybe only 1/2 a sandwich is all your need. Eat the other 1/2 later.

(Casey Brown) #12

I definitely think I get fuller faster! I’m just a couple days in (AGAIN…I’ve started keto more times than I’d like to admit.) and I have a hard time getting past the initial feelings of feeling sick.


Yes it is tough… A lot of people give up. I transitioned during a period when I was not so busy at work as was able to take a day or two off when I really felt like crap. You could try fasting. Sometimes that is recommended as a way to get into ketosis initially. But for some carb eaters hunger from fasting is much harder to deal with then the keto flu.

(beacheidi) #14

Thank you for the support and feedback. I am definitely having an electrolyte problem. Tuesday I tried just salt and lemon juice in my water jug and I had colonoscopy prep PTSD. Yesterday I found the Mio electrolyte drops. It helped with weakness and headache but I still had numb hands this morning (which I learned is an electrolyte issue). I just had some tuna with mayo to get some natural sources of sodium and potassium in. I want to stick with this but I just don’t have the luxury of downtime or “flu” right now.

(David) #15

Day 11 for me, and I’m feeling crappy today.

I woke up this morning late, because I slept in, and before I left the house I was peckish. So I ate a piece of the broccoli I made yesterday.

Fortunately I had my lunchbox prepared so quickly made a BPC, and left for work.

Woah - 11:55 (around the time that up until 11 days ago I would be normally eating a 16g carbs cup of soup from the sandwich van) I got hit by nausea and a slight dizzy feeling. I had a spoonful of coconut oil, and a mug of Bouillon and feel a little better; however I don’t usually add a lot of salt to my cooking (mostly been eating salty bacon last week).

I’ve been picking at my chicken out of my lunchbox but don’t want to eat it until later as I’m going to melt some butter in the microwave and pour it over it.

I’m going to try another mug of Bouillon.

I don’t know if it’s the carb withdrawal / keto flu, or the fact I didn’t snack on any boiled eggs this morning as I didn’t have any ready, and maybe my body is griping wanting it’s elevenses.