Keto + family


I’ve been keto now for almost 8 months. I had a little anxiety going to my in laws place for breakfast on Christmas, but it ended up being amazing! My mother in law who is the queen of cinnamon rolls and carby casseroles, made an amazing keto friendly breakfast for us. Bacon, eggs, and she even sautéed a bunch of spinach. It was great! They even got me a keto cookbook for Christmas! My mother in law was not supportive when I first started, so it’s really nice she seems to have turned a new leaf.

We then went to my parents’ place in the afternoon. My mom is a former dietician and recent keto convert. She made an entire low carb spread for the whole family! Turkey, low carb cranberry sauce, green beans cooked in butter, cauliflower mash and even a couple keto deserts. It was incredible!

I know a lot of people deal with families that are not supportive especially in the beginning. I’m feeling so blessed that everyone in my family is super cool about it now.

I’m curious, what was everyone else’s experience dealing with keto + family for the holiday?

(Jake P) #2

My in-laws are not supportive. When we have dinners at their house, I either pick only the keto friendly foods or not eat anything,

My parents are supportive. At the moment I am the only one doing keto, they all have tried it at different times, but about half the spread was keto. I gorged myself on brisket, cheese and salami, guacamole, and deviled eggs, and lost a pound the next morning.

(AnnaLeeThal) #3

That sounds wonderful!

So far all of my family and in laws have been supportive. My dad even just called me to make sure that the leftover ham soup he is going to make will be Keto friendly. Now I hope he is doing that because he wants it Keto for himself, but more likely it’s because he wants me to take some.

The way I have handled it is to make sure I am bringing Keto friendly food, and lots of it, to any family gathering. I really involved myself in the meal planning so most food was on plan. And then I sing the praises of Keto and explain what it is to anyone who will listen. Especially my dad who needs it the most.

(Larry Lustig) #4

My immediate family (the one I live with and cook for) is neither supportive nor unsupportive. They have no problem with my eating ketogenically but aren’t really interested in it themselves. Since I do a fair amount of the cooking and need to have stuff that I can eat, they probably get the worst of both worlds – more fatty, ketogenic goodness combined with some remaining stuff I just make for them.

I also have a child with anxiety issues that sometimes border on an eating disorder and I find it preferable to hide the occasional multi-day fast from the rest of the family. Fortunately, the last Zornfast fell on a couple of days when I had a rare business trip.

I love my family very, very much. But it sure would be easier to do this diet (and to have a stab at ZC, which I’m considering) if I only had to consider myself when thinking about shopping and cooking.

As for extended family, I neither request nor expect to have my way of eating considered when they’re inviting me for food. I can almost always find something to eat (festive meals generally have meat at their center) and if not, I can simply (and hopefully quietly) not eat – an option previously unavailable to me.


My husband isn’t keto, but I’m lucky he likes eating meat and veggies for dinner. He is getting a tad brainwashed though and sometimes refuses to eat stuff because they’re too high carb. It’s kind of cute. :slight_smile:

Your situation with the kids does sound way more challenging!


That’s really sweet about your dad. :heart: I’m always involved in the meal planning too! And offer to bring stuff or help cook. Failing to plan is planning to fail for me.

(Larry Lustig) #7

My wife is a lipophobe, so I can’t say she’s inclined to be influenced by my example or my results. In fact, she’s adapted something of an N of 1 philosophy (well, I guess it works for Larry).

She’s also 105 lbs, so no real concern about weight loss.

However – in March, when I got my 5.9 HbA1C result she went online to check her own recent bloodwork. And, guess what? 5.9.

(shawnkuplin) #8

I did the holiday entertaining at my house, and provided a totally keto spread, which everyone loved. My in-laws brought a cake for my non-keto husband (his birthday is Christmas), and my husband made mulled wine and did the bartending. If there’re enough stuff that I can enjoy, I’m quite happy, and I’m not tempted by the choices of others. Since I’ve been 100% compliant, I’ve lost the cravings. If I go over to my in-laws, and there’s something that I can eat, that’s great. If not, I can abstain with no pressure from anyone. They’re great in not pressing me to eat off plan, but it’s up to me to stay totally compliant (and to have tastes keto foods prepared…even if I have to wait to go home to eat them) in order to avoid craving the stuff in front of me that I don’t want to eat. The lack of cravings and hunger is what enables me to be in the driver’s seat.

(Tom) #9

One some levels I think it’s actually easier with family who are either nonsupportive (I’ll show them!!) or really supportive (I don’t want to let them down/let their efforts to get keto foods go to waste) than it is with family who are uncaring and don’t have a stance either way.


i don’t have friends or family who are keto or who alter their meal planning to suit my needs. i either eat before an event, bring my own food, or just eat the protein and veggie offerings.

(Jacquie) #11

Hubby is very supportive. He doesn’t cook and I love to cook, so it works well. He is thankful just to have good food put in front of him. lol Actually, he’s a geek and loves the science behind keto. Friends are another matter. The highest rates of diabetes in Canada are in the maritimes where we live. Slowly, things are changing for the better. Luckily, we had over 30 years in the healthiest city in Canada - Vancouver. At lunches out or get togethers I adapt and can usually find something keto. I keep it pretty low key.

(Barri) #12

We went to my sister’s house for Christmas Eve dinner, and bless her heart, she tried to cater to everyone. I’m the only keto-er in the crowd, and most eat the SAD, but my son and daughter-in-law are vegan. I brought cheesy cauliflower mash, which everyone loved, and ate turkey, veggies and salad with it. I think everyone was more than pleased with the spread, and my son, daughter-in-law, and I were touched that my sister tried so hard to please all of us.

(Dennis Herrera) #13

Since I started the family is very supportive, im the only die hard about it, however the impact of my WOE has increased healthier eating and awareness with everyone in the house as well as friends, so im calling it a victory!

(Tracy Mason) #14

I’m the only one in my family that eats Keto. I have no problem cooking something different for myself but for the most part my hubby and kids will eat whatever I make. When we go to my dads I bring my own food. Any other place I’ll either eat before I leave or when I get home.

(Lauren) #15

We had a Keto Christmas with my brother, parents and in laws; we are all keto. Only 3 weren’t keto but no one complained (out loud) we had nitrate free ham (for the flavour), roast chicken, cauli bake, bacon, mushies, Cobb salad and then dessert… All keto friendly

Nativa sweetened chocolate cheesecake, pavlova & cookies & xylitol ice cream all with some berries & cream…
I’m glad I managed to convert them… It made for a good day without anyone stressing about what they would have to eat :grinning:

(Cindy) #16

Looks wonderful! But, what are mushies? Am I missing out on something amazing? :grinning:

(Larry Lustig) #17

Mushrooms, most likely. Aussies are always using abbrevies for thingsies.

(Cindy) #18

Thanks! Mushrooms are yummy and a very happy addition to dinner.

(No I'm not mad - that's just my face) #19

I’m in the same boat as @larry

(Genevieve Biggs) #20

At my in-laws now. So far doing pretty well, but I was out of ketosis for a few days. I didn’t exceed 50g carbs, probably. It was only via veggies and a tiny amount of fruit. But you know, fruit and veggies are healthy. :unamused: I’m also itching to do Zero Carb, so not being free to eat two lbs of meat a day is frustrating. I’m having fantasies of sneaking out to buy rotisserie chickens to eat whole, or ground beef to fry up.

Thankfully they have been gracious and accommodating, but they think 4 eggs for breakfast is crazy. (I normally eat 5-6!!) “Everything in moderation,” they say. Normal dogma of what is “healthy,” such as veggie chips and snack (like sweet potato chips and crackers).

We’ve eaten out a few times, and I feel awful because it’s so hard to eat ZC out. I don’t mean it’s impossible, but why pay $$ for a mediocre, bunless burger when I can spend a fraction to buy ground beef and fry it up? And then I’m still hungry. They have been accommodating, but I’m just itching to be home and go buy some bulk ground beef and whole chickens. Le sigh.