Keto Eating Disorder trigger?

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You know what they say: A Freudian Slip is where you say one thing and mean your mother.



Once you’ve tracked for a little bit & understand what works for you there is no real need to do it constantly. I track now & again to keep an eye on my micronutrient intake but I also go long stretches without tracking.

I weigh & measure once a year & only do that because I’m trying to build muscle :slightly_smiling_face:



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Hello and welcome Chippy. I can’t answer your question but I do think this WOE is healthy, sustainable and puts you in better control of your hormones.

The first time I ever googled ED, that’s what popped up (so to speak).

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I call that “CarlKeller’s paradox.”

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I have battled binge eating and mild Bulimia for much of my adult life. When I’m eating strict keto I have no issues. However I tried veering off plan over the holidays and slipped into some pretty dangerous ground the last few weeks. I had some moments I’m not proud of.


Be kind to yourself @Ketodaisy :hugs:


@ChippyDD & @Ketodaisy - FYI there are quite a lot of posts here about various EDs & the xxketo reddit is nothing like the regular mean & scary reddit :wink:

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If you haven’t listened to this podcast, you might find it helpful. Erin is a member of these forums too, you might PM her.


At least you know when you get back on Keto you will feel better! The holidays are hard for anyone…let alone someone with an eating disorder! We are human and allowed to have a moment as well…you will get back on track! Stay strong❤️

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Is it possible to change “ED” into what you think it means? I also thought there was something that caused erectile dysfunction.

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Thanks, makes sense now.

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I’ve found Keto to be quite the OPPOSITE :joy:

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Are you referring to hormones etc or the ‘other’ ED?

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The other…lol

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Even for the other ED (eating disorder), one would hope that keto would help with that. For me, it has lessened wild mood swings, decreased depression, constant hunger, etc. I think that would help, but I don’t know enough about eating disorders to know whether reducing/curing these also affect eating disorders.

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The psychiatrist, Dr. Georgia Ede, has made comments in several of her lectures that she believes that a well-formulated ketogenic diet can help regularize a patient’s relationship with food.

If you are afraid of triggering yourself by measuring, bear in mind that the only thing that you really care about is keeping your carbohydrate low enough to become fat-adapted. You could even avoid measuring that, by simply eating as small an amount of carbohydrate as you can manage.

Although, as a sugar/carb addict, I worry about bingeing, so far I have found that the times I’ve overdone the carbohydrate or even had a bit of sugar have not yet triggered a binge. The ketogenic diet is satisfying enough, and my tolerance for a sweet taste has dropped enough, that I am now fairly satisfied by a small amount. I’m still not going to make a habit of relaxing my guard, however! :grin:


yes same…the problem was that i was so ashamed that i “fell off” keto after doing so well, that i felt desperate and that triggered a purge. if you stay strict, it’s actually made me feel in control of what was a spiralling way of living. i can’t speak to anorexia though.

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Definitely! I got fully back on the keto train on Christmas Day and have had no issues since. I don’t ever want to go back!!! Good luck to you, my friend!