Keto Challenge page?

(Tom) #1

Good afternoon, everyone! There’s a good chance that you all have made it over to reddit and the r/100daysofketo subreddit. I personally had good luck with their 100 day challenges and while I don’t want to reinvent the wheel, I was wondering if setting up our own 100 day challenges would be well received here. Thoughts?

(Alyson ) #2


(Jenn W) #3

I’ll admit, I love a good challenge/competition!
They can be fun and add a bit of motivation to the run of the mill day in day out Keto.
I’d join up depending on what the challenge is!

(lucie.runner) #4

I’m in! I find that a January challenge sets me up for the year. Last year was lifting and I still do so a Keto challenge would certainly help with my “lazy keto”!

(Nick Eady) #5

What is the 100 day challenge?

(Texan ) #6

Following! I want and need to know more. :clap:t4:

(Rebecca Huggins) #7

I’m willing. When do we start? Today is good for me.:innocent:

(Nick Eady) #8

I’d love to!

(Tom) #9

Ideally I would like to get a sub forum set up so we can parse things out instead of having a mega thread. @richard would that be a huge undertaking?