Keto at Theme Parks

(Justin Blow) #1

Everyone here I’m sure can figure out how to make something keto in a pinch. Taking buns off, ordering with items removed etc… at theme parks it usually feels like just trying to find anything that isn’t full of sugar though.

I hit all the Theme Parks here in Florida pretty often and if not going to a sit down place with a steak or seafood, usually I eat ahead of time or just grab a giant Turkey Leg at any of the parks. (varying reports on nutrition but Disney Turkey Leg: 1,092.5 calories, 52.8 grams of fat, 5,283.5 mg of sodium. Is what I use)

Tonight though in fronteir land at Magic Kingdom I found PACOS BILLS!
They have burgers (which you still have to take off the bun I know), they have burgers covered in taco meat and cheese, they have salads that are Keto ready to eat… but the reason I’m posting is any of the above comes with unlimited topping bar!
Jalapeńo, banana peppers, taco sauce, SOUR CREAM, GUACAMOLE, and CHEESE! Unlimited! I topped my bunless burger so high!

I just had to share this find because it was such a delight and made my night and figured if anyone else ever visits, do yourself a favor and check it out! So worth the 10-15 bucks!

(I like to post memes!) #2

That’s where I ate Thanksgving dinner:

(I like to post memes!) #3

Cosmic Ray’s had a nice selection of toppings as well:

(Richard Morris) #4

@ldemoisey probably knows a thing or 2 about ketoing in the magic kingdom.

(anonymous144) #5

Keto at Disney is real easy. If your on the meal plan any of the sit down restaurants have lots of Keto options! Try Germany in Epcot…all the sausages you can eat!

(carl) #6

If you’re sufficiently adapted you can always fast. I LOVE having that option.

(Jake P) #7

That option will save a lot of money.


5 grams of salt? WOW, where did that number come from?

(Justin Blow) #9

Attempt finding any information on those things online! I actually found an offical disney response stating since those are provided for them they do not have the actual nutritional facts (which is a terrible excuse). When I have time to go thru them later I’ll add links, but that one is from calorie count and a few paleo websites.

(Jules Swart) #10

If you want info at the Disney parks, ask for their allergy manager/chef. All the restaurants have someone on duty every day and they have all of the sheets with ingredients. Some will also have nutrition numbers, but it depends on how pre-prepped the item is.
If you want to pre-plan, you can also email (They recommended 2 weeks in advance.)
Some locations are hit and miss, but in general, I have had great luck.

(dani maz) #11

Pecos lol
Cosmic Ray’s has a awesome rotisserie chicken and green bean platter.
Let me know if anyone ever wants to do a Disney meatup…I’m there a few times a week!

(I like to post memes!) #12

@snazzymazzy jelly!

(Justin Blow) #13

Lol, this phone even now doesn’t want to spell “Pecos”. Pacos or Peconic that what I’m working with here!
I’m in for a meatup anytime, I’m almost always in for a Disney adventure.

P.S. Tomorrow 1-3-17 is the last day for 13 months for the price of 12 if you’re currently able to renew.

(Carol Hawkins) #14

Ooh, good timing for this post!

We’re heading out to WDW next week. I was excited to see that our AirBnB has a crock pot. Perfect to have stuff cooking while at the parks and have it ready when we go back for dinner (gotta take a break now and then and hit the hot tub). No sit down dining reservations, but will take the quick serve suggestions here under advisement :grinning: