Keto and exercise


So, i like to exercise and my job in the army requires me to do intense physical fitness 3 times a week. It appears this is not recommended when on ketos. Any help to do Ketos diet but still do intense cardo

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Where did you get that from?


Yeah, since when? That’s news to me.


I am told this from articles i read and from the nutritionist who im working with for Ketos.

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A lot of endurance athletes are going keto.

Try looking for YouTube clips from Dr. Jeff Volek.

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Retired Navy here.

I run 20-30 miles a week, lift 2-3 times a week, all on a keto diet.

You’ll start slower when running or doing explosive lifts/box jumps etc. But a good warm-up will reduce the time it takes to get in the groove.

The day before your PT exam, you might want to consume some carbs if you have not been keto for long. If you’ve been keto more than a few months then that might not be necessary.

As others have said, Low carb for athletes by phiney and volek is a great resource, also check out the ketogenic athlete podcasts.

Good luck!


Not even remotely true. Exercise raises ketone levels (couple hours later at least) I lift 5x week, also do cardio typically 3-4 out of those days, I keep that schedule even when I do week long fasts. You WILL notice a performance hit at first until you fat adapt. Also, just FYI, it’s Keto not Ketos.

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Read “Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Performance” by Phinney and Volek. Also catch Brad Kerns of triathlon fame. He’s Primal but still a good resource as far as athletes go.

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Do what you can. As your body gets stronger and more efficient, it’ll thank you.

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It is true that we don’t recommend heavy exercise for people just switching from the standard crappy diet to a ketogenic way of eating, but that’s only because it’s easier to deal with one thing at a time, not that exercise while eating keto is bad. Do what you have to do, and don’t worry about it. Even if it’s rough at first, in will get better soon. What does not kill us makes us strong. (Or so they say.)

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I’ve been on Keto for about two weeks. I also use the Peloton which measures Heartrate and total output. I’ve noticed that I can’t do the same power levels on Keto. I did a Zone 2 workout and compared it to the pre-Keto Zone 2 workouts (I had several). Pre-keto my heartrate average was about 120 on the two or three Zone 2 rides I did with an output around 390. On keto my average heartrate is around 120, basically identical heartrate measurements since I stayed in Zone 2 but total output was 310.

So I’ve found I can do aerobic and anaerobic workouts on Keto but the performance isn’t as good, more work for same output or same work for less output. I suspect the carbs/sugar is a more efficient fuel for high output where fat is less efficient but you have more of it to use on longer workouts. Not exactly sure of the science or if this is correct, just what I have seen on myself with the Peloton measurements.


I’m a recently retired professional runner and I still run 20 miles per day. It took me a couple of months to be able to do it easily again, but I haven’t experienced any ill effects. Many of my former teammates were also ketogenic and they didn’t seem to have issues, either. I do need to consume a lot of healthy fats, but I’m okay with that. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Just my 2 cents.