Keto and Covid


I’ve probably watched every youtube video related to LCHF since I wet keto full on. That’s since April 2020.
Two nuggets of information I remember are that a fever is a biological adaptation to combat pathogens and that pathogens find ketogenic body states difficult to ‘live’ in.
I’m keen to go over these topics again as I was confirmed positive today.
CAn anyone recommend any videos on these subjects?

(Bob M) #2

Don’t know about videos, but some things that MIGHT help: vitamin D, zinc, selenium.

(Robin) #3

D3 and K2 (MK7 form). A lot of D3.I take 5k IU just for maintenance. My friend who tested positive and has some heart issues takes 10K IU.

(Bob M) #4

Heart issues from the covid or prior to getting covid?

(Robin) #5

Previous to covid

(Bob M) #6

They should also watch for additional heart trouble. I’ve seen multiple people who get POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome)…for months after covid. They can have trouble breathing for a long time, too.

But no one seems to know who will become a “long hauler” and who won’t.

(Robin) #7

Yeah, scary.


I was confirmend positive on monday.
I had a raging fever on sunday and monday and a bit of a cough. By wednesday I felt normal except I was a bit fuzzy, possibly because I’ve not had the appetite to eat anything.
This morning (Thursday) I felt great but by midday I became very light headded and jittery. My BP is well up and my ketones are 0.3 and 5.6 for glucose.
I’m wondering if my electrolites are a bit out of whak.


Take care. Hope you recover soon.

(Ethan) #10

Feel better! Any idea how you got it? This is an item I think not well tracked

(Laurie) #11

Best of luck to you.


Ha, I work in ‘municiple services’. I could have caught it anywhere. It’s a miracle I don’t get anything worse.

(Jane Srygley) #13

How are you doing? I had it last month and I’m convinced being on Keto saved my life.

(Todd Allen) #14

Vitamin C may also be helpful especially if dietary intake is low.

(Susan) #15

I hope that you feel better soon and take care.

(Jules ) #16

Hope you are starting to feel better. Look after yourself.


Well as the delay in responding might suggest I’ve not been ‘on it’. I’m well over covid although I stayed off work for 13 days in total. I was tired for a few days but pretty well went back to normal.

(Polly) #18

Glad to hear you made a full recovery.