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Over 15 years suffering from Lupus, APS and chronic illness, Started changing diet to Alkalising my body to reduce the inflammation and going through elimination of many foods. Also, by the time I have been replacing Animal meat with Plant-based protein. Unfortunately, consuming legumes for the protein benefits also soybeans, tofu increased the antibodies due to being allergic to. By research and having to realised keto can be therapeutic in my case, its been Nearly a week in to keto however I am sticking to follow alkaline diet and consuming a lot of greens no sugar or carbs, more fat and moderate protein amounts . I still experience lupus flare once a day in the evenings. And I take 5mg of prednisone daily which makes me hungry. I would like to hear any experience here and know about others with same circumstances.
PS. I have been feeling up and down and experiencing keto transitioning flu state atm. Its too soon to tell, the only thing I can tell is the short period during the day I workout (yinyoga with resistance) and feel very energetic with less pain without getting hungry that makes my pain worst. Also I like the fact my total body temperature is raised and I feel warmer.
Wishhh You all Good Luckk & Great Healthhh