Karmic Retribution, Metabolism edition

(jketoscribe) #1

I feel yucky today. I am inflamed. Joints hurt and I’m tired and irritable. All because of some dietary indiscretions over the past week. They weren’t even major ones, I did not go completely off the rails or anything. But there was at least one food I shouldn’t have touched each day for the last 5 days–they really add up!

I was thinking of that as I reached for my healthful lunch in the office fridge–staring at a plate of peppermint biscotti. I don’t even LIKE peppermint, so I wasn’t really tempted, but part of me was saying (picture the tiny devil on my shoulder) “C’mon, just a taste.” And what stuck me as my back and wrist and neck hurt as I reached for my good lunch is how hard it is to connect that pain to what I put in my mouth. It doesn’t seem possible that a little bit of wheat flour could make my back hurt–though I know that’s exactly what it was. Being off all that crap lets me see what it does to me when I allow it back in. Rice, for example, causes petticheiae–bleeding under my skin. Who would have thought that was connected to what I eat???

I wish I could say I am completely done with the indiscretions, but there are more situations to confront over the next weekend where I won’t be totally in control of the food and not in a position to fast. I hope the pain persists long enough to remind me to minimize the bad stuff Sometimes pain is a good thing!

(Carla) #2

I do best with Intermittent Fasting, but I haven’t done it regularly since before Thanksgiving. Last week, on Day 3 of getting back into 18:6 IF (or so), I was noticing how CLEAR and PRECISE my vision was. That’s when it hit me: My body has this easy and amazing way of telling me when I’m doing good! So why is it so easy to neglect it??

It’s not like I find IF all that difficult, anyway…