Karim's muscle gain carnivore adventure

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Do it.

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The pool and jacuzzi are helping with my lower back. Having monkeys jumping on me hurts but it’s helping too.

Apparently stretching and continuing to move are key to rapid healing…

Also sunlight. I’m browning nicely :smiley:

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So before the 30mg of CBD and after a couple of hours + pool


So it might be a coincidence but the CBD doesn’t appear to be lowering my glucose, but then again it hasn’t gone over 90 since I started using it.

It does appear to raise glucose and ketones though.

This is based on two data points - so meaningless so far… but that’s the data

I really need to take it when my glucose is high > 90 and then without eating or exercise… then see what happens.

And yes - I lost 1.6lbs in a couple of hours of pool play… with 1.2lbs being “fat” water and 0.4lbs being “lean” water.

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So after all that protein + 30mg of CBD, glucose went up to 92 and ketones went down to 0.4.

Also - got a headache and got really hungry again.

My best guess is that it’s an insulin reaction… which I expected.

I fought the hunger as best as I could but eventually had a choczero bar with 15g of fat to help satiate… it helped, but still hungry.

The good news is that this approach is tracking with my model

The protein seems to be more thermogenic - it makes me generate more heat but it also makes me hungrier. It’s not as pleasurable as true keto, but it is stopping my rapid muscle loss.

Body composition getting worse: help !?
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thanks for the hearts … it cheers me up :smiley:

so my back is feeling much better and I really have to say that stretching and light exercises did work

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still hungry… went for my ricotta and roast beef “meat salad”

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This morning… and then after the CBD+pool… and then after about an hour coming back:


After pool

Hour later

So this is the first time “ever” than my glucose was under 50 while my ketones were so low @ 0.5. I felt great. The pool was a little cold but nothing compared to my ice baths. Of course, I was in the 70F pool for 90mins vs the ice bath at 50F for 20mins.

I consider that a new level of fat adaptation where the glucose is allowed to go so low, but my body is not panicking and creating massive ketones to compensate. I’m still running on ketones since my energy is high, but it’s so well calibrated to my expenditure that it’s barely registering. Either that or the cold water consumed more body heat and pulled my glucose and ketones down.

However… soon as I get back and stress returns, glucose and ketones go up again.

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Between the morning and post-pool, I lost 1.6lbs with 1.0lbs “water” fat and 0.6lbs “water” lean.

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This morning:

Lots of weight gain and low ketones/high glucose

I’ll measure again before eating but wow…

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Oxytocin is the anti cortisol? Interesting

Laughter, hugs, cuddles and love

Now I need to find the science behind it :joy:

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So I’m seeing gains, both in strength and size. I’m not measuring so it’s subjective. I measure everything else so I really should measure muscle proportions too.

But my glucose and ketones are in the toilet… started at 80G and 0.2K … and I think I’m to blame.

The day that I was able to keep my fat low and protein high, I did see a kick up in ketones but it’s hard. I ate 240g of both protein and fat yesterday instead of 240g protein and 110g fat like the math says I should.

But it is taxing my willpower because I’m not satiated. The protein without fat is just not cutting it for me. It makes me so thermogenic that I can sweat in a cool breeze now. I know that I have the fat reserves to handle not eating so much fat - and if I can last the night, I usually get my ketones back up the following morning and feel great.

But I’ll admit to being a failing carnivore - for three days now, I’ve been having 40g of macadamia and 40g of almonds… just to satiate my fat craving. And I will admit that it’s a craving kind of hunger - it’s not real hunger. It’s the post-insulin effect making me want the nuts. I’m still OMAD but I’m eating for more time… like over 2 hrs before I say I’m done.

I tried the ricotta and roast beef and it helps but until I get my bowl of nuts… it’s not going away. I’m going to try to add more spice and salt to the ricotta to see if I can’t match the pleasure from the nuts.

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I’m sure I’ll be gaining muscle doing this. Just expect that unless I control my fat (wince), I’m going to be putting on fat too.

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@Ilana_Rose I think you’ll enjoy that interview

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Thanks @Karim_Wassef, I’ll watch it!


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Oooo ouch

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i am not on OMAD, but i had to skip nuts (almonds, 30 gr per day), they somehow wont allow me to lose more body fat. since i stoped to eat them, i feel way better.

i also feel heavy heat, i literally sweat in cold conditions while taking at least 210gr protein. and during this time, i just stay over 210gr, i actually eat as much i have lust.

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210g protein and 210g fat?

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190gr of fat average. somewhere around 2800 kcal all together.

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Hey @Karim_Wassef, aside from the bg and etc, do you feel calmer with the cbd? Hows your stress coping?