I’ve noticed this place wobbling recentlly.

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #2

Yeah, many of us are here because of big bellies… or butts.
I’ve got both!

(Geezy) #3

Excuse me Coop but what do you mean by “wobbling”?



(Joey) #5

@coopdawg Food Justice perhaps, given the category?
Still unclear re: the wobbly.


Did you mean to post this in a general chat area? This is for food related topics.


Hey folks!

No, just my crap sense of self depricating humour. (I’m a wobbler btw.)
Forgive me, but there is nothing else to see.

Only directed at myself and nobody else.

Ok. Used to be a lot more people on here, that’s all.
We should try to pick it up again.

More folks keep getting T2 all over the world…this site should be packed with willing people to hear how to deal with it. That’s all. :slight_smile:

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #8

Totally right Coop, T2 is a massive and growing epidemic and we are here to help. So roll up :man_shrugging:

(Robin) #9

I think our members fluctuate and for legit reasons.
Some come and try us on but we and/or keto isn’t their bag. So they move on.

Some come, keto is absolutely positively the best thing ever and they are on cruise control…. And no longer need the support or community.

Some just have a whole lot of life happening and they check in on us but rarely comment. I know there are many who fit that description.

Some people, especially newbies, struggle with the amount of conflicting information on here.which by the way, I love! So many different experiences.

But I can appreciate the frustration if you are new and committed to getting it right… and every other person has a different take on it. Many want a one-size-fits-all Users Guide and don’t find that here.
Even though our wild diversity is something I relish.

Sometimes I wonder… whatever happened to good old so-and-so?
Then I look around at some on here who are relatively new but already such fantastic contributors.

So, we ebb and we flow. Wobbly.


It’s the nature of message boards.


So you know what I mean then xo

(Jenna Ericson) #12

Anyone remember atomic space bunny? They used to have the longest and more research-filled posts, but I think got kicked off the forum for being too volatile. I amused myself by thinking it was Jason Fung on a late-night meth binge :upside_down_face:

(Bob M) #13

I think sometimes those posts were in the general area, but weren’t necessarily totally relevant.

(Jenna Ericson) #14

It’s like if you have a hammer everything looks like a nail. Atomic Space Bunny had a hatchet and I’m not sure what they were looking for.


I remember atomic space bunny. Some of the posts were quite interesting and got me thinking. I wondered just yesterday what happened to bunny…


Well, by wobbling I mean in the UK sense of the term i.e. ‘throwing a wobbler.’


And yes, I was being humble referring to myself in the early days, but also referring to those (no names as I don’t remember them) who have thrown the head up after getting good advice on here, and they stormed out leaving the forum. You probably can remember loads like that.
I think some people you sometimes have to tread carefully around, especially at the start, when giving advice.

And then at other times I just think fk them their loss :sweat_smile:

I hope that clears up what I can now see would have been cryptic, but I had to go and log off before I got a chance to elaborate. :slight_smile:

(Bacon enough and time) #17

We certainly get all types here. What I like about this group is that, by and large, we tend to be able to gently suggest things that the newcomer might not like to hear. I do regret the exceptions, however.


Hi Paul, yes thank you for getting what I mean.

I specificly was thinking of a lady who ‘flipped the lid’, ‘wobbled’ if you will, when multiple people on here were offering advice. She thought it was some sort of pile on; which I know it wasn’t for a fact.

She just had something in her head and couldn’t handle alternative opinions, so she ‘wobbled’ and left.
Oh yeah, you probably remember her, all on here were left scratching our heads going WTF happened there? Just trying to help.

Totally innocuous post to get collective tact on how to reduce ‘wobbling.’

(Bacon enough and time) #19

As you point out, in some cases, it’s hopeless. While in others, gentle treatment seems to win out. I remember one user, who started out asking what I thought were strange and pointless questions, who is now a valued contributor. Sometimes a bit of hand-holding is all that’s needed, and then they take off.

I think it’s best not to take any of it personally. We mods try to weed out the obvious trolls quickly, but newbies are often in a delicate state where their food is concerned, and we can only state things as we understand them. Whether they take it badly and leave, or whether they stay and figure things out, it’s all up to them. I grant you, those WTF moments aren’t fun, though.


" I grant you, those WTF moments aren’t fun, though."

Yeah. I get you.

I recently had a high turnover of staff, felt like I was continually recruiting and getting pre employment checks done…then they would pull out without any reason.

We started to doubt ourselves, going ‘WTF?’.
But only briefly…it’s bounced back now.
Things have been crazy with covid, that war, cost of living crisis etc., we soon realised that this wasn’t just happening to us in our company. Getting back to normal now.