Jesus Buddha and Mohammed all knew about fasting, do you?

(suzanna) #1

Are you curious about the science behind fasting? This guys does a brilliant job of explaining how it works!

(Brenda Zorn IDM Educator) #2

I follow Gandhi

Don’t hate.

(suzanna) #3

He was a great faster!

(flyferretschef) #4

I watched Dr. Fung on the 2-compartment problem last spring. I tried my first IF experience during Holy Week 2016, in part because Dr. Fung is absolutely right about fasting as a spiritual practice in many religions. Wonderful experience, I’m totally sold.

(Which doesn’t mean I’m always successful.)

(Brenda Zorn IDM Educator) #5

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(Ben) #6

New podcast with Jimmy Moore and Jason Fung out today - Fasting Talk


Cool! Been waiting for it to start!

(Kim) #8

Is that what it is called as I cannot find it ?

(Ben) #9

Yes Kim. It’s not showing up on my podcast app yet but you can find it here: