Jello/gelatin for hair/skin/nails?


Has anyone tried using jello or gelatin for skin, hair, nails?
I’m trying to avoid using biotin as it has a negative affect on my digestive tract. Plus I’m trying to avoid having to take another supplement. I don’t do the bone broth thing either. Just eating some daily jello or the gummy recipe I saw here sounds great.
My nails have developed ridges and of course as per my post I made here not to long ago. My hair is thinning badly. So I looked up in the forum here and saw some threads on jello/gelatin. Thought I would ask if anyone had any results from eating it.
I’m carnivore probably 95% of the time. Carnivore is just so easy.

(Bacon by any other name would taste just as great.) #2

I lived in a situation for a few years in which the cooking was done for us. One cook we had was so obsessive about trimming fat and gristle from the meat he served us that my nails started to suffer. I found that gelatin capsules did help.

Bone broth would help, too, especially if you made it yourself and simmered it long enough to get all the goodness out of the bones.

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I take a scoop of collegen powder per day dissolved in coffee. My hair and nails grow like crazy. I have recurring bouts of tendonitis that it keeps at bay too.


Former weight-watcher dieter. Broth was a thing with the weight watcher program during that time. Fix a big pot of broth and drink it when hungry. OMG! :nauseated_face:
I drunk that for like 6 months. So I have Broth phobia really bad. I know that sounds silly :upside_down_face: But just the thought of any broth :face_vomiting: :laughing:
Thank you for your response tho :pray::blush:


Well that sounds like something I could do. Thank you! Do you recommend a certain brand or product?

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Yes, collagen is the same idea as gelatin, but better. The main types of collagen that are recommended, sold, and consumed are Types I, II, and III.

If you’re mainly concerned about skin, hair, and nails, you want Types I and III. Collagen sourced from cattle skin (bovine collagen) provides both Type I and Type III. This is the most common kind of collagen powder sold. The collagen type(s) and source will be on the label.

Look for either “hydrolyzed” or “peptides.” These words indicate that the collagen will be easier for the body to use.


Collagen can be added to soups and other hot beverages, just consume it quickly.

In the past I used gelatin caps because my nails were so brittle, they worked. Eating keto has helped that. I also do a keto berry jam and drink lots of broth. I know it isn’t everyone’s thing, but I like it. I can barely keep my hand and toe nails clipped back enough these days.

I love this recipe.
Raspberry Jam

6 oz. berries, frozen work great for this,you can use other berries also
1/2 cup water
1 TBS. lemon juice
1 TBS. grass fed beef gelatin, or 3/4 generic gelatin
Swerve to your taste. I use 2 TBS. because I like tartness, but the original recipe called for 1/4 cup swerve or sukrin. That would be really sweet.


  1. Put the lemon juice in a small measuring cup or ramekin and sprinkle the gelatin over.

  2. Add the raspberries, water, and swerve (or any zc sweetener you like) to a small pot over medium heat. Bring to a low boil and turn heat down to medium low.

  3. Simmer the raspberries for 20 minutes, stirring every few minutes. They will totally break apart.

  4. Break up the gelatin and add to the raspberries, stirring to dissolve. Taste and adjust sweetness with the stevia glycerite. Cool.

  5. Transfer the raspberry jelly/jam to a clean container and refrigerate overnight to gel. Keeps up to 1 week.

  6. Makes 1 cup or 16 servings (1 tbsp each). Each tbsp is 1 net carb.


Thank you very much :pray:
I will look up the ones you have suggested on amazon.


Thank you :pray:
I took a screenshot of the recipe. It sounds delicious😋
I’m going to look at collagen on amazon.


I don’t think you’d ever eat enough to make a difference, I’d go with collagen. Have you tried different biotins? Maybe a coated one wouldn’t do that.

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I got my Dad hooked on this one. He puts it in his coffee and I use it also. Contains type I & III

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I use Vital Proteins. I buy it at Costco.