It would be groovy if a person's profile (or better yet something on their post) had a link to their 'accountability' thread

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It would be groovy if a person’s profile (or better yet something on their post) had a link to their ‘accountability’ thread

I know that’s a bit of admin-ing. Another forum I’m in does it by having a section just for that, people post the start of their thread there, and then at their leisure admins add the link value to a profile field (which also shows up on their posts).

By the way (trivia you probably already know), I figured out how to make a link to ‘the last post on a thread’ from a URL. You just add a number (normally the number of the post) that is way over what you expect the thread to ever be. The software automatically sees there is no post number with that, and gets the largest post number value and appends that to the url in a redirect. So for example my link is:

With 7000 being the number I don’t ever expect to reach (before starting a new journal eons before that!).

Thanks for the forum and the hard work the admins do. I really appreciate all the great info and community here. I’ve learned so much just the last months, since I arrived, reading and watching the links to research and articles and videos, not to mention the conversation.


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Ha! I tried to do just that last week in the ‘website’ window in my profile, but haven’t yet figured out how to ‘see’ my profile the way others do to check if it worked. Now I can blindly try to link it to the ‘last’ 7000 post too?

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My error, there will be another number after the ‘name’ of the thread (likely the thread ID) and after THAT one, put the big #.

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Try this:

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Yes, I found that clear. Like so:

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Ha, typed at the same time.

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Hi PJ.

I easily found your accountability thread in your profile, listed under top topics. Generally, If a person is fairly active on their accountability thread, it will be listed first.

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It appears to have worked:

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The developers of the Discourse software have strong feelings that posts should not have a sig, for various reasons. Instead, clicking on the person’s icon at the top of their post displays certain information from the profile. As you can see from my previous post, the Web site field is a good place to put a link to your accountability thread.

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I did that already – thanks!

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thank you, @PaulL!