It is not only sugar

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All carbohydrates are sugar but unfortunately they contain enough of the essential nutrients you cannot get from fat and animal proteins alone.

There will be plenty of comments that will follow about how you don’t need any more essential nutrients other than what animal proteins can provide and how comfortable they about the abundance of MicroRNA’s building up in there colons and intestinal tract from animal proteins that are their for the purposes of causing cancer in humans to slow down over-population of humans (that high curve and then steep decline of a species who eats too much of the other on a statistical or actuarial chart?) and without resistant starch (not a carb for your body but food for your ketone producing microbiome protecting your gut lining from MicroRNA’s?) to clean it up and reverse it, your pretty much another number on a toe tag in the cold fridge down stairs. Microbiome that produce ketones kill gastrointestinal cancer causing MicroRNA’s and you can only do that by eating resistant starch from plants or there roots!

Any species that tries to live off one or more of any essential nutrient and subtracts the others will go extinct and die of malnutrition.

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Well then, I guess that must be why the Inuit went extinct…

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They eat resistant starch my friend!

That is why they don’t get cancer!

Lots of microbiome in there gut that produce butyrate, that kill MicroRNA’s from raw animal proteins!

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Cite? ( Long term diet before the introduction of western foods )

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That’s simple; tree and plant roots! Arctic berries ect. Plus they only kill animals, marine life when necessary not constantly!

They don’t continuously eat raw or cooked meat!

When Hunting you eat only meat (raw) when all other supplies run out.

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Not anymore they don’t.

Which is why they are now suffering from western diseases like T2D, obesity and CVD and tooth decay that were virtually non-existent for them 100 years ago.

Who here is arguing for eating a lot of raw meat?

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Tree and plant roots in your dreams.

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And then you also have CPT-1a deficiency (Arctic Variant Gene) from only eating meat and fat in a cold arctic environment.

That is where you have to eat enormous amounts of carbohydrates or you die?

Lots of assumptions by modern day carnivores and not enough real anthropology?

These genes get passed on to children or offspring and they die of starvation if they don’t eat enough carbohydrates?

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Can you show a reference for when the Inuit ever ate enormous amounts of carbohydrates before the introduction of processed foods?

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Sources of resitant starch?

Micronutrients are secondary to what is being pointed out?

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[1] “…Carnitine palmitoyltransferase 1A (CPT - 1A) deficiency is an inborn error of metabolism that affects mitochondrial oxidation of long chain fatty acids (LCFA) in the liver and kidneys, and is characterized by recurrent attacks of fasting-induced hypoketotic hypoglycemia and risk of liver failure. …” …More


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Check out reality:

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I give up…

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That’s the problem Stefansson-ism is where assumptions are incorrectly being used as reason to go carnivore and it is flat out wrong period?

-isms are a belief or ideas about something not real empirical science?

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I said " I give up ", but one more thing before I go:

This was what I had in mind when I asked for a cite, you know, like a scientific study…

Dietary carbohydrates: role of quality and quantity in chronic disease

Carbohydrate is the only macronutrient with no established minimum requirement.

Further down:


Although human populations have thrived on diets with widely varying macronutrient ratios, the recent influx of rapidly digestible, high GI carbohydrates in developed nations has contributed to the epidemics of obesity and cardiometabolic disease. Moreover, the traditional starch based diets of some developing nations have likely contributed to rising risk of chronic disease,

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Let’s take it from the top of what’s being quoted:

In parentheses “CARBOHYDRATES?” They are not talking about essential nutrients!

There are no essential foods only essential nutrients?

“MACRONUTRIENT?” is the carbohydrate part?

There is a minimum requirement for essential nutrients (micronutrients) or you die of malnutrition?

In other words this is what you call ‘word (sentence) smithery’ which is also a practice and art of the Judicial Branch of government intended to confuse the observer that something is not necessary when it actually is by the wordsmith?

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Is rare and often fatal…

That doesn’t seem to be happening to people here…

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There are essential fats and essential proteins, without which you will die.

There are no essential carbohydrates… Yes there are essential nutrients, but they can all be found in animal products, free of any significant amount of carbohydrates…

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Could be the difference between eating raw animal proteins and fats and a cold arctic environment?

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Problem with it is there may not be enough in animal fats and proteins and missing other essential nutrients (micronutrients)…only time will tell for those who strictly adhere to being carnivore?

I could sit here and eat lots of carbohydrates being truly ketogenically fat adapted but the consequence, is my blood sugars might skyrocket because, perhaps I don’t have enough insulin to help (I say “help” because insulin is not always required) clear it all out, but the advantage is that, it (excessive glucose) is NOT going to be stored in adipose tissue because that pathway has now been reserved for dietary fat or de novo Lipogenesis…you can only store one or the other not both simultaneously…your either a fat eater storing dietary fat or your a sugar burner making fat from glucose…Not both!