Is this what Brown Fat activation feels like?


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I believe Richard calculated that point to be around 3.0 g/kg lean body mass.

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I make my own capsules and take them every morning.
Easy to do with a basic capsule maker.


Second day using 2g turmeric instead of 1.
No effect but my golden milk (I keep calling it like that, nevermind it gets more and more different from the recipes. I kept the 3 spices and it’s liquid!) is tasty and I have no problem with it. The turmeric tend to collect in the bottom in a small amount but I just add a bit more water when it’s little and drink it quickly.
I didn’t put it into my eggs yet but I will. I won’t ruin my chicken soup or meats for sure. It suits eggs though. So… 4g turmeric from now on? I do Zornfast but probably will eat every day (once if I can do it, it’s super hard on carnivore-ish where I get satiated with a smallish meal for long but not for a whole day) so I keep the experiment. I have so, so much turmeric, at least I use it up. It’s nice tasting anyway, that’s why I bought a big amount in the first place, we just rarely use it in dishes like that (we do use curry powder).


Ah! Gotcha. I thought that excess protein that’s used as energy would be excreted and that I would be able to smell it.

Many years ago, I did a high protein, low fat, low carb diet, I was eating mainly chicken, tuna, eggs, etc. I was able to smell ammonia in my urine, and I was going to the bathroom at a rate that was a little embarrassing in an office environment… but I lost 50 lbs that time, so I considered it worth it.

Thanks for the calculation. I am close to that range, about 2.5g/kg of LBM. But I do weight lift, so I am creating a need for protein.

Did Richard post that in an article or mention it in a podcast? I don’t recall hearing/reading it.


It’s probably individual to some extent as nearly everything…
2.5g/kg is about my average, I regularly go over 3g/kg protein and can’t go significantly below 2. I definitely don’t need particularly much as my activity is mild lately. And my lean bodyweight isn’t much, I don’t know if that matters.
I never had problems with this high protein (it’s normal to me as I can’t go lower and it feels natural but I know I don’t need near this much. I try to eat as little protein as I comfortably can and that’s 2-2.5g/kg), no bad odor or anything. But I think I wrote that before.

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He’s discussed it a number of times on these forums. In this post, for example.


Thanks for digging it up. I joined the forum a long time after Richard and Carl stopped posting as often so I never came across it.

Richard said that the max is:
“3.3g/kg LBM for most people (and lower for some unlucky people)”.

But as you said, keep it to 3g max just to be safe.


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I’ve come up with an alternative delivery system for turmeric:

@Shortstuff If I resort to capsule supplements, I think I would get the curcumin capsules rather than turmeric.

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Interesting…! I don’t measure my protein intake, but… I feel I’ve lost more weight when I “overindulged” on protein and cut back on the fat intake, so that makes sense!


It makes perfect sense to me…
Sadly, I can’t do this. Maybe if I really go crazy with leaner protein…? But I doubt I can lower my fat intake, it’s insanely stubborn according to my experiences. But maybe I can do this now, it would be an interesting experiment and useful for blood plasma donating with a lowish-fat day before (IDK if I mentioned that here, possible).

If I write here again, I mention I dropped my turmeric experiment. Maybe I will do it again for a few days with way more turmeric when I will fancy golden milk again, I had enough of it for now.

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Experienced another ‘hot flush’ at work today. It was warm and others felt that as well. But I was ‘smokin’! My coworkers felt warm but not uncomfortably so. I had my forehead temp read again about 2 hours into it and I was 0.6°C higher than when I started the shift (35.7°C / 36.3°C).

I’ve been eating my beef patty with Nando’s Peri Peri sauce and turmeric for a couple days. That combines curcumin (pretty small amount in a couple of grams!) plus some capsaicin from the Peri Peri sauce (no idea how much).


It might be worthwhile checking the temperature of these areas of the body when you’re feeling the BAT affect:

These seem to be the areas where BAT accumulates in humans.

When I feel very hot it’s usually just over the breasts as depicted here. I’m curious if the thermometer that you have at work would register a temperature increase in that area.