Is there a way to see how close one is to the next trust level?

(Tom) #1

Just like it says in the title, I’m curious whether there’s any way to see how close we are to the next trust level, i.e. going from basic to member, or member to regular, etc? Not that I’m pursuing badges and such for the sake of pursuing them, but I do enjoy me some gamification. :smile:


As far as I can tell, there is no way for a user to see if they meet the critera for the number of posts and topics read in the last 100 days. It’s based on a percentage of total posts.


The hardest part, for most people, will be getting 25% of total posts read.

I can report that as of now there are ~40,900 total posts and ~3500 total topics. Your user info (Summary) will give the number of “posts read” but not “topics read”.

(Tom) #4

Challenge accepted!

(Ashley Haddock) #5

I just want the awesome “Legacy” title to show up some day. :joy:


Last night I got my read posts to 10k, that seems to have been the magic number.