Is there a way to make an omelette without breaking any eggs?



After a hearty bacon and eggs breakfast I listened to this wonderful podcast episode. Once in a while a swim in the main stream is quite bracing. Maybe it is good for mitochondrial health?

I’m only 20 minutes into the discussion. The interviewer is young, and possibly malleable to ideas, which I think makes them fit for purpose.

It’s a chat with one of the most dangerous people on the planet, a philosopher, and, maybe even more dangerous, an Australian. (You can never tell if they are joking @richard).

So far there have been questions and thoughtful replies on dietary protein, meat production systems, dairy, something called “precision fermentation”, the way vegans think, the way animal liberationists turned violent to their own detriment, climate change influences… I went into it wanting to hear about euthanasia philosophy.

It is fascinating (picks bacon out of beard) to understand that intelligent young people go through a phase in their lives where they need to save the world, maybe suffering metabolic martyrdom* in the process, and these are the mainstream thinkers that influence them.

*[Maybe I mean ‘meat-abolic martyrdom’, if they are looking at we. Gah, automatic vegan dictionary AI robot wants to keep changing that term to “meat-abolish martyrdom”.]

From this article, if you prefer reading:


It’s a slow grind getting through all the ‘facts’ being presented.