Is lean meat carnivore an option?

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I’m not a good test case because of my normal shocking lack of science but I’m right at the other end of the scale.
Throwing myself at Low carb I heard ‘High Fat’ mentioned and after years of thinking this was bad I’ve enjoyed an orgy everything wicked, including the thick edge bit, the gristle trying and failing to protect it’s treasure (evil laugh at this point)
Has my 5 month experiment been a success? Well, I’ve got my stats into the normal range from a poor state of health, energy is good, sleep is good, I feel happy and see no reason to change!
But am I missing anything? I’m still relatively new to this!


Maybe, maybe not. It’s different for everybody. For me, I was in fat loss mode for a long time, and if I did the keto high levels of fat, I wouldn’t lose. Tried every combination of everything, scale wouldn’t budge. Even after I got my truee TDEE figured out and tracked religiously, if the fat was cranked up, I couldn’t lose any. My labs looked great, but BF% wasn’t dropping. Then after I got done reverse dieting to unscrew my horribly lowered RMR, I was more daring with what I’d attempt so switched to a TKD, then CKD, then hybrid of the two loading carbs pre/post workout. Since doing that, which you’d think would destroy any fat loss attempts, I was able to get it off much easier. I’ve now got my BF% back in the 10’s, after years.

What works for each person can be WAY more customized than most think. But we get sucked into cookie cutter ways of doing things, and then afraid of tweaking them because we’re convinced we know how it’ll turn out.


Right, we react all differently. I come off a stall when I do eat more fat.

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Remember, everyone, that “high-fat” means a percentage of calories, not a percentage of the weight of the food we eat. So if someone eats 0 g of carbs, 50 g of protein, and 50 g of tat, that is 69% fat and 31% protein by calories. That’s a high-fat diet.

Remember that 50 g of protein is 200 (k)cal, whereas 50 g of fat is 450 (k)cal. So when people talk about the composition of a diet, always make sure you know whether they are giving percentages of total weight or of total calories. It makes a difference.


I know it’s not typical but a pleasant side effect of low-carb was my ability to reduce my fat intake (I badly needed that). As far as I know as I didn’t track before but I have memories. I ate fat galore all the time (no one said it would be bad and everyone ate high-fat and I understood why, it’s tasty). And later I saw that indeed, as soon as I raise my carbs, my fat intake shoots up. Every time. Maybe not necessarily anymore (my carnivore times changed even my higher-carb off times, crazy but true) but it happened for many years, it was automatic, instinctive, helpful. I love fat so very much…

Of course we shouldn’t overdo fat. But we have different dietary pasts, different needs and tastes… The fat should be not too little, not too much, whatever it means for the one in question, we can’t tell how much fat is too much as it varies a lot.

Some people can get away with a lot of lean meat, some need to be really careful not to overeat fat even then (me. lean red meat helps a lot but I am very skilled at overeating) and some couldn’t eat or handle he extra fat and super fatty items needed to balance it out. But meat isn’t our only option. I always found very odd and clearly wrong when people said we should avoid all lean stuff on keto. Carnivore but even keto may feel restrictive enough without that useless limitation. SOME should avoid that. It may be a bit extreme case but it happens and I know such a case closely… Some people have ED in their past and sadly present, woe changes can’t cure it magically… If they fill themselves up with a bunch of lean chicken and their satiation works that way (lots of protein and barely any fat does the trick), they easily may starve on keto. Maybe they consider fat still bad but even if not, why to eat when not hungry, I understand that even if I am different… They may be better eating some fattier meat or eggs or some other fatty protein where they automatically get some good fats too. And it’s better than eating chicken breast and drinking a glass of oil (I have read about such a person… my hedonist self cringes. I get the same macros in so much more enjoyable ways but well, it’s my taste and priorities… at least use butter, that’s nicer than drinking oil. maybe the oil is to reduce the seconds needed to bother with consuming the fat…? there must be some reason).

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High Ifod14, sorry but what does PSMF mean? Thanks.

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Protein-sparing modified fast.

A well-formulated ketogenic diet has a very similar effect on the body, since it is basically the same metabolic state.