Is Keto working too fast for me?

(Kevin ) #1

Started Keto April 5, as of today I’ve lost 92 lbs and gone from a 46 size in waist to a 34 waist today. Could not believe it when the size 34 fit.

(Susan) #2

Welcome to the forum, Kevin, and well done, that is great =).

(Carl Keller) #3

92 pounds down in 3.5 months is extraordinary. I’ve not read about anyone having lost that much in that short of time. But I am curious how you feel, if you are eating enough, how much you are fasting and what your start weight was. I’m going to guess around 285.

Congrats on your new body.

(Kevin ) #4

I started at 295, I eat about 1800 calories per day, and I skip breakfast and do the 16/8 fast.

(Give me bacon, or give me death.) #5

As long as you are eating low enough carbohydrate to be ketotic and enough calories to supply your body’s needs, trust your body to get it right. It won’t let you lose weight too fast, unless something is very wrong. And we generally know when that’s true.

(Robert C) #6

92 pounds in 105 days is close to (almost exactly) what someone water fasting would do. 1800 calories of a well formulated Keto diet (or even not so well formulated) shouldn’t let you lose that quickly. I wonder if this is the whole and accurate story? Are there any other factors that might contribute to this loss such as running 100 miles a week or an overestimation of your actual calories?

I ask because this is the kind of thread that drives a lot of people to have unrealistic expectations of weight loss on Keto (which, in turn, might cause them to stop - not a goal of this forum).


WOW. That is quite amazing.

I’ve often wondered if some people’s biology makes them more compatible with keto?

If you are eating well, staying full, and not having any adverse side effects, I don’t see a reason for concern (IMHO). However, if it were me and I was worried, I would consult my doctor.

(Art ) #8

Yes - a lb a day is extraordinary. In the summer of 2002 I lost 1lb a day for about 90 days. I was riding my bike 2-4 hours a day 40-80 miles, swimming 45 minutes a day, and doing my own form of keto at the time. Mainly chicken and fish. Drank tons of gatorade and cytomax and water - all which probably left me out of ketosis and dependent on the old calories in - calories burned equation - which works if you don’t have IR or other metabolic problems and can tolerate the stress load.

(Robert C) #9

Exactly - you lost a pound a day not due to Keto (you just happened to be doing some form of Keto).

Your comment wouldn’t lead anyone just doing Keto (without all of that exercise) to believe they’re going to drop a pound a day (no false expectation - good!).

(Kevin ) #10

Sorry if I upset you, all I was doing was asking a question , wasn’t trying to lead anyone to anything. I’m pretty sure I’m consuming around 1750 to 1800 calories and try to stay under 15 carbs per day. I exercise 1 hour 6 days a week which consists of Running, walking, Eliptical and weight training.

(Deborah ) #11

Congratulations! That’s just amazing! I wish I was half that speedy in my weight loss. Ah well, we’re all individuals.

Keep up the great work!