Is keto safe for heart and bones and health

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My husband is in keto diet for 28 days.he lost 7 kgs and I am so happy about it…he was 114 kgs and came to 107kgs within a month…though I am so happy , I am worried seeing some posts that it may be an unhealthy diet…is anyone sailing in same boat? He is feeling so tired and says bone pain…should we stop the diet or continue? If we stop will that create any other health issues? Dunno if we ate going in a right path.he us also a sleep apnea patient

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There is nothing ‘unhealthy’ about a well-formulated ketogenic diet. In fact, in my opinion it’s the healthiest diet you can eat. As for feeling tired and experiencing other uncomfortable symptoms, that’s typical of ‘carb withdrawal’ and many folks experience similar symptoms. Increasing sodium intake generally reduces these various symptoms. What does ‘well-formulated ketogenic diet’ mean?


Nothing unhealthy about it, in his first month it’s still normal for some energy issues, but we’d have to see what he’s eating to know for sure. The reality is, most people that start this do just enough research to get going and don’t quite do it “right”. They typically aren’t fully aware of how the switch feels or how to mitigate the downsides which isn’t hard to do but again, without knowing what he’s eating everyday it’s a guess. Nothing normal about bone pain though, he under eating protein?


Not unhealthy if doing right, for many more carbs are unhealthy, no matter how well they eat…
Obviously one can do keto wrong but it’s not the fault of this very wide woe, I believe most people can find their sweet spot. It’s not for everyone but the human body in general is ready to eat this way longer term. In the beginning there may be problems, partially because one often can’t do it right yet, partially because it’s usually a very big change in the eating habits and that’s often not easy.

If you are worried, there are supplements… Many of us ignore them and just try to eat right but I can see it’s not always easy. Of course, proper nutritious food is still important but if the taste, amount of food or (baseless or not, disturbing) worry makes one uncertain or one simply knows they need more, they can be used too.

Tiredness may be due to the big changes in the body but bone pain, I never heard about that regarding keto…

And of course there are haters. It’s unavoidable but it’s not the fault of keto as the wide “you can do horribly wrong and great” woe, it’s the fault of people who either do it wrong or have some agenda some avoiding carby things sit unwell with them.

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Its not a diet for me, its a way if life now. The first few weeks can be difficult as your body withdraws from carbohydrate abuse. I have never been healthier in my life. I hope your husband continues and finds success.

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Thank u all for such a relief through ur messages…I hope he becomes healthy soon


Not unhealthy. He will gain many wonderful health benefits if he continues.

Right now he is going thru adaption. Can be bone/joint pain and a whole host of crazy withdrawl issues we have as we detox the junky chemical carby foods out of our bodies. So tell him to eat very well, just work thru the adaption process and take it easy and he will ‘flip to better’ in time and find this plan is well worth continuing long term!

wishing him the best!!

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Thank u so much !! I have one last question …I am restricting his food to be limited even I that okay? Or should he eat more of the quantity of keto friendly food ?

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On a ketogenic diet, it works best to eat enough food to satisfy one’s hunger, but not more. In other words, don’t force food and don’t restrict calories, either. Let the appetite be the guide to how much to eat.

During the first several weeks, I at a lot of food, but suddenly, during lunch one day, I found myself unable to continue eating in the middle of the meal. I had to put the rest of the food in the fridge for later, and I wasn’t hungry for hours. That never happened to me as a carb burner. These days I eat only two meals a day, because I am just not hungry till lunch time. But I believe that the quantity of food I ate during those first few weeks, as large as it was, was necessary, and my body put it to good use. I lost 85 pounds or so without doing any exercise and without having to go hungry, because I was eating properly and listening to my body.

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As noted by @lfod14 above, many folks dive into keto full of half baked conceptions of how it works and get themselves into trouble almost immediately. One of the most common mistakes is to cut total calories so that ‘keto’ becomes just a low carb version of a CICO diet. When you reduce carbs sufficiently to enter ketosis and stay there consistently, a lot of stuff happens all at the same time. You have to give yourself enough energy and nutrients for it to happen otherwise a cascade of problems can happen instead. Just like CICO. One of the most serious problems is metabolic ‘slowdown’ which results from ignoring hunger in order to eat to an arbitrary caloric deficit. As @PaulL recommends: eat enough to satisfy hunger, but no more. And no less. After several months and fully fat adapted, you can fine tune things if necessary.

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It’s probably not necessary to control the size of the servings. Most of us find that we aren’t very hungry on keto, which is a wonderful side effect! Your husband can have as much real keto food (meat, eggs, etc.) as he likes.

I’m sorry, I have no advice re the tiredness or bone pain. I think many ketoers feel tired during the transition phase.


Paul said it right here.

There is no ‘need for restricting’ food as one changes from a icky nasty carby fake food menu into a healthier way of eating…cause your body then SO wants that nutrition from that food to heal the body and help thru adaption/withdrawl changes. It needs it as it changes. So just let him eat as much as he requires but don’t ‘force anything, don’t force eating less or force eating more in any way’. Your hunger will guide you and when we change at first, we can EAT alot and that is normal :slight_smile: so just go by the body and let the natural balance happen.

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Thank u all for the great support