Is Keeping Blood Sugar Below 100 Unrealistic?

(Tracy) #1

My fasting blood sugar runs about 75-80. I can eat bacon and eggs and it doesn’t budge. I can eat something like turkey and cheese and it will go up to 105. I understand 105 is still pretty good, but if I can avoid a 30 point jump I’d like to. It’s not a question of the ingredients in the turkey or cheese because I know they are keto. My question is does your body respond to food, whether it’s keto food or not, by raising blood sugar? I wish I could have the bacon and eggs response to everything I eat.

(Jane) #2

Yes. Your body is designed to deal with blood sugar spikes. It’s when you are munching on carbs ALL DAY LONG EVERY 2 HOURS you damage the system and create disease.

(Jane) #3

And add in inflammation from seed oils you have our current obesity epidemic

< steps off soapbox >

(Jane) #4

Sweetie, I’ve had a jump in blood sugar after 3 days of fasting (+30) because my body needed glucose and made it. From me. I was consuming water and black coffee so not offering much LOL.

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I shall explore this very question here.

(Tracy) #7

Something I need to work on is calming down about my blood sugar going over 85. Even when I see it in the 90’s I get upset because I don’t understand what I could have eaten to cause it. It’s something beyond my control if I’m eating the right foods and eating only when I’m hungry.

I look forward to seeing your results. My poor fingers are going to fall off from being poked.

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This article describes the factors that determine how much glucose rises in response to 1 gram of carbs. Yes, one measly gram. :nauseated_face: There’s nothing in this article about keto, so it’s about carb eaters and may or may not apply 100%. But I’m sure it’s relevant.

Mike's Excellent Glucose Monitor Adventure
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(Allie) #10

The cheese would do that for me, but it’s not an issue as there will always be an increase of sorts and the body needs this to happen. It’s more about how long it takes to return to baseline.

(FRANK) #11

I could eat dust and my fasting blood sugars hover around 110-105, and lows for the day are around 92-86, never lower. Being an old fart (62) my doc has me on the usual pre diabetic meds, Lisinopril, Hydrochlorthazide, and the ever controversial Atorvastatin. So the other day I discovered that Atorvastatin can raise your blood sugar levels 12% and Hydrochlorothiazide can increase it by 2-3 mg/dl. Are you freaking kidding me? I’m busting my butt to eat as close to zero carbs to get my BS down and the very meds that are supposed to help me are sabotaging my effort. WTF?

(Bunny) #12

Depends on how much protein you eat; that jump in numbers your seeing is most likely glycogen jumping out of your skeletal muscles 30 points higher in glucose and into your blood stream and the fat in that protein and cheese your eating is releasing bile and the bile is directing the glucose to be stored back into skeletal muscle as glycogen.

(Tracy) #13

I was infuriated when I found out my multivitamins had maltodextrin in them. They weren’t chewable so why would they need to be sweetened?

(Tracy) #14

I’m glad you said that because my husband made the same point that my blood sugar goes right back down shortly after it goes up to “a whopping 95” as he calls it.

(Allie) #15

Cheap filler most likely :unamused:

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I’m posting this here as a reference. Almost everyone is talking in terms of mg/dL while my FreeStyle uses mmol/L. I need to have a reference to understand what others are talking about to compare what my results are.


(Allie) #17

I just do the math every time. Would be so much easier with a standard measurement.