Is it possible that black coffee or apple cider vinegar is throwing me out of Ketosis?


Apologies if this is the wrong sub-forum or if this is a redundant topic.

I started a ketogenic diet in the new year and have been practicing intermittent fasting as well (16:8 for now.)

I bought some Ketone test strips to check my urine to see where I was in terms of getting into ketosis. Sure enough after a few days of practicing a high fat low carb diet my ketones levels went up.

But I’ve noticed lately that my ketone levels seem to be going down in the morning after drinking only black coffee (three cups, I’m an addict) and a glass of water with a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar.

This morning, for instance, I tested when I first woke up around 6:30 AM. I had a dark reading on the test strip (8.0 on the scale). After drinking coffee and ACV and testing again around 8:30 I had much lower results.

Am I being paranoid testing too much/overthinking it? Could it just be a fluctuation in the results from an inconsistent testing method? Is it possible that too much coffee/caffeine or ACV could be throwing me out of ketosis or inadvertently ending my fast prematurely?

Any and all advice is appreciated.

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What’s happening is that you’re excreting fewer ketones in your urine. That’s a natural adaptation to ketones. I wouldn’t worry much about it.

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Agree with Bob. Don’t worry. It’s just overflow. Tells you nothing about how many ketones your liver is synthesizing nor how many are being utilized. Keep your carbs sub-20 grams per day, and the less the better, to stay consistently in ketosis. You’ll be fine. Different food/beverages affect different people in different ways, but it’s unlikely that black coffee or ACV will interfere with ketosis. The coffee contains caffeine which is a stimulant that might affect you by raising cortisol, or might not. Vinegar not only does not interfere with ketosis, the acetic acid contributes an acetyl molecule to the process of lipolysis. You don’t need apple cider vinegar either, any vinegar will do. For example, I drink red wine vinegar daily. Lots cheaper than ACV. Best wishes.

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@UntouchableCrew Welcome to the forum and congratulations on embarking on a keto way of eating! :+1:

Short answer: Nope.

Since neither has carbs, there’s no way black coffee nor apple cider vinegar could be “throwing you out” of ketosis.

As for urine strips, do some searching around this forum on that topic. Peeing on them may be the most fun they can provide. :roll_eyes:

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Some people say the urine strips still work for them, even after a long while in ketosis, but logically, they seem to me to have too many problems. For instance, get dehydrated or drink a lot of water, and you could get two different results even though your ketone levels could be the same.


YUP! Ketone testing is also a waste of time, don’t bother. Eat right, and let keto do it’s thing.


I was thinking that might be what’s actually happening – as I hydrate more my urine is more diluted which throws off the results.

Thanks to everyone who replied.

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Enjoy the journey. And as always, pee free or die. :vulcan_salute:


The urine strips are designed for type 1 diabetics to look for one type of ketone body being excreted as waste in large quantities. That ketone body doesn’t usually get created in significant quantity later on in nutritional ketosis.

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The pee sticks are great for knowing your hydration levels, but suck at telling you much about your ketones. Drinking those liquids would reduce your dehydartion level. So that is spot on.

Also first thing in the morning will show any "dawn effect’’. Nos. can be higher then and gradually drift downwards without any action on your part.