Is it a good keto shake?


(Yuval Zilber) #1

1 of the most annoying things about keep is to have food quick.

I thought about making a homemade keto shake with:

  1. Sour cream / coconut cream
  2. Protein powder
    With right amounts is supposed to be roughly 75%-25%.

On the other hand it feels to easy and too tasty :sweat_smile:, and i can’t find anything about it on the web, although i did found something against milk in general.

Will that be a really so convince to have the perfect keto shake?

Do you know about other keto shakes i should try?

Not “keto friendly” which is just low carbs - i mean, something that is close to 75%-25%.

(Bob) #2

If it tastes good, is super low in carbs, and meets the fat:protein ration you are after (I’m assuming this is what the 75/25 means), AND it tastes good, then it sounds like you have a winner!

(Geoffrey) #3

As long as the milk products are made of whole milk and not skim then the only issue would be if it affects you in some manner. Personally I don’t have any issues with whole milk but I do limit it just because it’s too easy for me to over indulge.
To me, the sour cream doesn’t sound appetizing in a shake but if you like it then keto on.
Me, I start my day off with a bulletproof tea. 1 Tbsp of butter. 1 Tbsp of coconut oil. 1 cup of tea. Blend it for 30 seconds in a nutrabullet or blender. Works good for coffee too.


If your whole day give you proper nutrients and you feel right and get your goals with it, it’s good then. It’s hard to tell if something is good when it’s a single item…

Percentages are individual. 55% fat may be the perfect keto style for someone. And percentages for a single meal may be even more “off”.

(Polly) #5

Or you could try eating real food.

A steak can be cooked in four to eight minutes.

(KM) #6

It’s better to sit down to a real meal and eat to satiety, and then not snack, but I get it, sometimes that doesn’t quite work.

I keep hard boiled eggs in my fridge, and I also have a supply of “Chomps” (a no-sugar jerky stick) on hand. (The eggs I just peel, quarter, and then dip in a bit of coconut oil mayo, as I’m really too lazy to bother turning it into egg salad.)


Liquids have their uses. Sometimes one doesn’t feel like eating but still gets hungry, liquids are good then. And quicker if that matters to someone, usually not to me but it happens when I don’t want to bother much with food… I personally need bigger meals so I can’t avoid a lot of solids but if I don’t have an appetite (well, if I have a negative one as I can eat just fine with zero), some liquid calories help. The same at the end of a meal when I don’t want normal food but still am hungry. It may be not a valid case for many but some of us are like that.
I usually drink cream and/or eggs then, never protein powder as I prefer normal food and way too easily overeat protein. So I focus on some nice, satiating food like meat. I just love my eggs too.
Normal food can be pretty convenient too (my food is very often made beforehand) and quick to eat if that is our aim but I do like to eat and don’t want to do a meal in minutes… :slight_smile: That would be disappointing but I only have one proper sized meal at most so no wonder I want it to be enjoyable and not super quick. If I just need a quick bite… That’s still something like pork and eggs, though. But it’s me.


That’s literally what keto is.

That’s specific to how you’re doing it. Which is fine, but that’s not the definition of Keto. %'s also don’t mean much because what those numbers turn out to be drastically different based on your caloric intake. Just make a Whey shake, add a fat source. Doesn’t get any easier than that.

Also, Sour Cream in a shake???

(KM) #9

Lol, personally I’d love sour cream in a shake if the protein powder was sweetened. Not something I’d consume, but it sounds yum to the old me.

I do question “keto friendly” a bit, too. It has no actual meaning, like “natural” - just sounds nice - so it could loosely mean 20 net carbs per 1 oz serving.

– went grocery shopping today and noticed something labeled simply “friendly”. It’s not something I especially want in my food! :face_with_head_bandage:

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #10

And I find I can do bacon and scrambled eggs in ten, five if I work it right. Dead easy!


I can fry eggs in 1-2 minutes, probably (and could drink some yolks raw) but making a few dozens of boiled eggs and use them for several days works well sometimes too. Just grabbing something made before is the quickest :smiley:
But others may need other, different items, I get that.

And I admit sour cream in a shake sounds odd to me as well BUT I never make shakes to begin with. I ADORE sour cream though. And I put it into my pancakes, no matter what flavor so who I am to judge? :smiley: (Not like there is much to judge, taste usually should be respected :slight_smile: )

(KCKO, KCFO) #12

I’d use coconut milk instead of the cream for a shake. Humm, I should try this I have some coconut cream and protein powder just sitting around in the cupboard.


I have been making coconut milk nearly every day for a long while… It got old :smiley: I don’t even like coconut flavor anymore. But it was nice while it lasted. And quite sweet, I don’t like that level of sweetness in many things anymore.


If you must do a shake- like to drink in the car on the way to work- which is what I used to do…I know this may sound gross, but the Liquid Chicken Latte is my absolute favorite.

1 or 2 raw eggs
Heavy whipping cream
liquid stevia (if you need sweetener)
MCT or coconut oil
1TB butter
VERY hot coffee

All into one HUGE cup. Blast with an immersion blender until frothy.

The FALL version of that is adding in 2 TB pumpkin puree and 1/4 tsp pumpkin spice. I’ve also added in powdered collagen when its been on hand.

If you can get past the raw egg thing, it is freaking delicious and very satisfying.


It’s similar to my rich coffee :wink: I don’t use such complicated recipes but all ingredients except coconut oil and sweetener are very common, I just don’t use them all at once.
I can’t imagine what can be gross about this (but I know people use the word way more often than I) but egg white can be omitted. It’s okay when it’s mixed well though. Sometimes I use only yolks, sometimes extra yolk, sometimes a whole egg… All works. I tend to use whole eggs a lot as I only comfortably use up about 10 leftover whites per week while I drink such eggy, creamy drinks every day.
Egg and cream is a wonderful combo just like egg and butter, be it a drink or something else :slight_smile: