Is Exercise Necessary?

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I have been ill this week, so no exercise. However, I have noted that I can stick with fasting much easier. My stomach grumbles, but I can ignore it.

I am thinking that maybe I should stop exercising for a while. Maybe until I am fat adapted. I LOVE working out, but it makes sticking to keto and fasting really hard.

Has anyone else had this same experience?


Exercise can definitely increase appetite but I’d give up fasting before I’d give up exercise. Unless you’re very large and can afford to lose muscle then you’re better off losing weight (fat to be specific) more slowly and maintaining muscle and fitness. I guess if it’s only a brief break from exercise then it’s not really a problem though.

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I said here:

…your body/metabolism has only two ways to tell you to ‘eat more’. The first is hunger, although many of us don’t have reliable hunger signals so this doesn’t always work as designed. But if you’re ignoring hunger, that could be at least part of your problem.

… In itself exercise is a good thing, but you need to feed yourself well to benefit from it.

That said… Exercise is not necessary. But in reasonable amounts it’s good for you and your overall health will benefit.

In my opinion, you would be better advised simply to eat more and continue your exercise until you’ve been in ketosis consistently for a few months and are fat adapted. Then you can experiment with fasting for weight/fat loss. Just getting into consistent ketosis will help a lot.

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The benefits of exercise go way beyond simple fat loss. I would, actually have, give up fasting before even considering giving up exercise. Yes it makes you more hungry but only because the body needs fuel to function.


If you’re that sick take a break, from what I’ve read of yours you already under eat for your activity levels, I wouldn’t ignore that grumbling stomach, it’s telling you something. Working out depletes glycogen stores and speeds up the process.

Did you ever list the rest of the macros you’re going for / typically eating?

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Exercise won’t help to lose fat (several studies have shown that), but it has plenty of other benefits. Among those benefits is improved mitochondrial health, which indirectly helps with fat loss, since fatty acids are metabolised in the mitochondria.

While you can lose plenty of fat on a ketogenic diet without exercising (I am a couch potato and lost eighty-five pounds without effort), many people find that this way of eating gives them so much energy that they just have to burn it off somehow, and so they become much more physically active.

In my case, I have an unknown fatigue syndrome, the result of a viral infection in 2006, that soaks up all that extra energy from keto, but I am extremely grateful to be able to be normally active without having to rest up for a couple of days afterward.

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It used to be when I fasted 4.5-5.5 days, I could work out during that time. Now, when I attempt a long fast, I don’t.

I have exercised after about 32 hours of fasting (I’m a morning exerciser), with no ill effects. Hope to get back to a 36 hour fast next week, with exercising at about 32 hours. I just got my second Pfizer shot on Tuesday this week, so I should able to get back to fasting next week. (As for the second shot, I was hungrier - ate between “lunch” and “dinner” once; took a 20 minute nap the second day after; and had a red “rash” near the shot, just red with no pain, and it’s gone now; that’s it.)

I personally plan to try a 36 hour fast once per week, and sometime this year before summer, get a 4.5 day fast in. I only did one (or two?) of these last year, due to the pandemic. Was doing them quarterly.


your kinda in a 3 way crazy zone right now in a way LOL

you got sick. you stopped exercising and to ‘make up for it’ you are eating less/fasting and pushing by willpower thru hunger grumble tummy signals. Not good way to go on that truly.

Exercise is not required for weight loss obviously as we all know but it gives TONS of great benefits to our bodies. Exercise as in controlled squats and more, nope not needed, you can bike, hike, work outside in the yard all day and MOVE etc so any form of movement is great for our bodies. We were designed to move point blank. So yea needed in any way you get that movement.

You think you aren’t fat adapted so I take it you are newer to this eating lifestyle?

If you put too much on ya at one time most people don’t go long term. Chill a bit ya know in that when I overloaded me on ‘what to do’ I crashed a bit and results were bad in the big pic so from experience-----first get better and feel good again from your current sick :), while doing that just eat well, no reason to deny food when the body asks for it and another is when ya feel better thru it all, just go back to what exercise you enjoy and eat well doing just that. Keto Plan is eat the food you can on your plan and be satiated to change and heal the body, not deny and think you can ‘control your body’ cause we, well most us know, thru long term ‘dieting’ we can’t :slight_smile: so just eat the Keto Plan as you need, change the body thru time on plan and just work thru it all as you need.

More we think the more we screw it up LOL, well, that happened to me thru my journey!

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@Nohojojo Love your question. You’ve got plenty of sound advice above.

In the spirit of ironic sarcasm, I’ll simply add that neither exercise nor eating is necessary.

Decline and death are always options. :vulcan_salute:


YUP! :skull_and_crossbones::clown_face: