Is DCUK <> for real?

(Todd Chester) #1

Got an unsolicited survey from

Sure looks like phishing to me. Are they for real?

I am going to ignore it anyway.

(Robin) #2

Did you get the invite via this forum?

(Todd Chester) #3

No. It just showed up in my eMail.

(Bill) #4 is real but I doubt they’d send you something without you having registered on their forum?
Could you have registered in the past ?

(Todd Chester) #5

I have a vague memory of attempting to sign up for some diabetes forum out of the uk, but found them too intrusive with the private information and cancelled the process. But I could be misremembering.

(Bill) #6

Shame … their forum is one of the most incredibly helpful places on the internet for low carb advice in the amelioration of T2 diabetes and insulin control in T1’s .
I’m often to be found there.

(Allie) #7

Not sure anyone here can answer as we are nothing or do with that organisation, best to ask them.

(Todd Chester) #8

Bill did.