Is Carbonaut closing?

(jordan) #1

Since I have started Keto, Carbonaut 2G Carb Seeded bread saved my life. They were expensive but they provided that satisfaction of having bread every once in a while. I think I was able to survive Keto without much struggle because of it.

Now all of a sudden, their bread has disappeared from literally every store in and around where I live (Seattle). The only place I can find them is online on Amazon but for more than $10 a loaf. I used to buy them at Walmart for $7 a loaf.

Does anyone know if they are closing down or if this is a temporary supply chain issue? I called 10 different stores and they all said that they are not getting any more orders. I also noticed that Costco in Washington has stopped selling Franz keto bread and keto buns. Any idea if Carbonaut is closing operations?

(Bob M) #2

I don’t know, though I do know that Costco used to have more keto stuff (that is, stuff advertised as “keto”). They have much less now, very little.