Is anyone doing Keto Mediterranean?


Maybe it was my poor digestion but even when I was not pescatarian and eating eggs and than ribeyes with tons of fat and butter, or chicken thighs with a 1/3 cup drippings I could not gain weight. It’s hard for me to imagine gaining weight on a keto diet even if you are in menopause. I’m not saying I don’t believe what I’ve read but I wish to know how it’s possible.

I do wonder about effects of cheese/dairy though or people that eat things like greek yogurt…this is something I never ate.

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It is certainly possible to put on lean mass. People have done so, even while shedding excess fat at the same time. This was documented by Stephen Phinney in one of his studies. Adding fat might be a problem, however, with insulin low, since insulin is the primary fat storage hormone, but I’m not willing to say it’s completely impossible, given the right circumstances.

One of the very last questions asked in this video of a lecture by Gary Taubes deals with this question:

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Yeah, unfortunately I am not as lucky as you. I’m definitely a if I eat too much I gain weight kind of person. And that is with exercising five days a week.

Now, with that being said, I do believe a few of the regained pounds are muscle.


Whenever I go and see my primary care doctor, and if they remember to ask what I am eating, I tell them I eat “animal-based Mediterranean”. Then I tell them the monitoring tests I want and the medications that I don’t want. I agree that adding “Mediterranean” to any dietary discussion is a good move.


Yeah definitely, mushrooms too with pepper, the odd half onion for taste.

No to processed dirt. Apart maybe from the odd tin of tomatoes of course.



We are omnivores, as our dental make up will atest to.

When meat/fat isn’t available we’re adapted to munching the other protein and energy source.

I think, for me, nutritional wise, I keep the ‘non hurting T2’ veg in my diet, along with cream and butter as far as dairy is concerned. It is a balancing act, and everyone will have their own needs and non needs. Yeah…took me a while to work out was good for me.


Interesting point. I wonder if there is a carnivore counter argument for the evolution of our teeth. I recently saw a science program on the likely (though no one knows for sure…) diet of our paleo ancestors. It claimed that big game animals were not as easily or frequently procured as we might think. Their hypothesis was that insects were a more consistent source of nutrition, although technically speaking, that would be carnivore.

@PaulL loved the Gary Taubes video. He is so worth listening to. A consummate scientist.

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I haven’t checked out her work yet, but Michael Eades cites a book by Leslie Aiello to the effect that as we evolved away from our herbivorous cousins, we started by scavenging carrion from kills made by other animals, such as lions. This is supposed to be the reason for our very acidic digestive juices.