Iron and zinc


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Hi All,

What is a good animal food source for both iron and zinc?

Canned seafood makes me hurl – no fooling. And I can’t have fish of any kind in the house as it give my wife breathing problems. (Needless to say, she HATES fish.)

Many thanks,

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Iron is easy, red meat especially beef, duck breast, oysters and the big liver. Oysters are great for zinc. You might need to supplement zinc though as it’s kind of hard to get lots from food. :cowboy_hat_face:

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Are you eating carnivore Todd? Because animal foods like all meats cheese and eggs contain some zinc.

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Well, the oysters are out due to the hurling.

But I do have access to some wonderful grass fed beef. Duck breast sound interesting!

I found this supplement (I can’t stand the taste of liver):

And here is the nutrition content for beef liver:
One 68g slice of beef liver gives
4.4 mg iron
3.6 mg zinc
21568 IU (431%) Vitamin A does seem a bit excessive!

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Liver is very high in vitamin a and you can overdose on eating too much. I’m not a huge fan of liver but there’s ways of cooking that make it more palatable like cooking it less. The more it’s cooked the stronger the taste. My favorite way is to cook off some bacon, brown some onion shreds and cook the liver in the bacon fat till it’s still pink inside. Salt and pepper and smothered in onions and 1” squares of crisp bacon. I like a couple tablespoons of sour cream to top it off. The key is adding lots of other flavors to tone it down.

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Meat and plants. All the plants are low glycemic load, which I keep under 15 per day. I eat A LOT of meat, cheese, and eggs. Some days, I only eat them. But I do enjoy me vegi’s: brussels sprouts, cabbage, asparagus, etc… Blue berries and black berries once or twice a week, but keeping within the all important Glycemic Load or 15 max per day. My carbs range from 0 to about 50 per day – all low glycemid load.

Grok (my favorite cave man) use to go for the organ meats first. And I don’t eat any of those.

I am asking about this as I have high frequency hearing loss and have been diagnosed with “kidney deficiency” by a full OMD (Oriental Doctor of Medicine – same 8 year degree as an allopath plus 7 years of herbal pharmacology – a very hard degree to get). I double checked him. He is correct.

Note that this is TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and “kidney” actually mean five organs, including the kidneys. OMD’s still use the old time descriptions as they are meant to be understandable to common folks (TCM is ~ 3000 years old), but if you ask them, they will swamp you with so much science, clinical studies, etc. that you will want to run for your life!

The hearing and serum trace element of 73 cases of chronic nephropathy were measured. Results showed that the incidence of hearing damage in high frequency was 68.5% with a mean hypoacusis of 35.1 ± 6.1 dB, while in 55 patients of Kidney Deficiency type, the incidence of hearing damage in high frequency was 83.6%, it was significantly higher than that in patients without Kidney Deficiency. The serum levels of trace elements (iron and zinc) in patients with Kidney Deficiency were lower than that of normal level and in patients without Kidney Deficiency, and the decrease of serum iron was directly proportional to the degree of hearing damage. There were close relationship between the Kidney Deficiency with the hearing damage as well as the serum levels of iron and zinc.

There are other references too.

Too much information?


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Thank you!

I really, really dislike liver. But maybe I will break down and try it someday. Your recipe seems like the best I have seen. When I was young, I literally thought my mother was trying to murder me by forcing me to eat asparagus. Now-a-day, I eat it raw. I do cook it, but if some go missing … Maybe my aversion to liver will have changed.

What temp do you cook your liver to?

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I know a lot about what you’re talking about personally. Slightly different for me but 10 years dialysis, kidney transplant, almost an instant diabetic from prednisone. Gained a lot of weight from kidney disease and knew lots of diabetics in dialysis. I’m a RBK amputee from arteriosclerosis for 20 years now. Turned to KETO and it saved me. Everything is good but I’m still missing my leg, KETO won’t help that! :joy::joy::joy::cowboy_hat_face:

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I have no idea because it’s thin, like 3/8”. But I cook it on high heat for about 90 seconds per side.

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¡Ay, caramba! And I thought I turned to keto too late!

Did you cook before the keto? I did not. I had to teach myself. I never realized how effective cooking is at getting on your wife’s good side!

My bother in law told me “hand me the can, hand me the can opener, I am a cook”. It still cracks me up. I AM NOT eating at his house! Maybe that was his plan?

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:joy::joy::joy::grin: Yeah, that’s what got me in trouble, a life in restaurants and bakeries from age 16 to 39. I kind of ruined my body doing it! Mostly Chinese food and a few years baking for a muffin bakery and for a home style cafe, bread deserts and everything. So I have lots of kitchen skills. :cowboy_hat_face:

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Did you ever calculate what your glycemic load was for a typical day? (200?)

And did at least get the girl?

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There’s a bit more to ‘not cooking’ than a can opener. :sunglasses:

Yes, I sous vide meat/fish occasionally and poach eggs frequently, nearly daily. I drink hot coffee in the morning and hot bone broth in the evening. Other than that, I don’t ‘cook’. Works for me.

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I never counted or calculated anything other than portions for customers (not my portions :wink:) before KETO! My doctor was worried that I might have a blood sugar problem like 25 years ago and had me pricking my finger but it was normal so he didn’t push me to keep it up. I have no idea about GKI stuff, I got my diabetes under control with KETO / 20 carbs style. I was hardcore with the limits. I still have elevated fasting glucose because I take prednisone but I have health A1c numbers well below pre diabetic now. 5.4 last time in November 2019. I hope you get a rope around yours. :cowboy_hat_face:

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A lady I know of had the prednisone problem. She does drugs and carbs. I think she died. Sucks.

I personally do not do the A1c as I do not trust any test that is plus or minus 50 % accurate. I have
tested with the far more accurate fructosimine test and was perfect. And in “discordance” with the A1c. The allopath I used at the time didn’t know anything about it at 250 U$D for 15 minutes (1000 U$D / hr). The conflict of interest is something to behold when it comes to diabetes in the allopathic community. Not all of them though. The ER allopath that diagnosed me was spot on accurate. He grinned like a little kid when I told him so. His nurse, on the other hand, thought Keto was a joke/fad. She rushed off and tested my BG. 124 mb/dL and that was after I had eaten a snack of berries and nuts. She was really pissed. He continued to grin.

I do test every morning. I figure that is enough. In the mean time, I need to get the hearing thing fixed.
I did order out the liver pills. And I am going to try to eat at least 6 oz of beef a day. Trouble is, I LOVE MY SPICY CHICKEN.

I don’t worry too much about overeating as my fat and protein satiation switch kicks in if I eat too much. (There is no such switch for carbs.)

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Good luck, I lost 35% of my hearing four years ago from antibiotics for peritonitis. I had an antibiotic resistant strain of tuberculosis that got into my peritoneal sack because my dialysis catheter broke. I did a wicked dangerous antibiotic IV at home for 4.5 months to get rid of it. My hearing is totally screwed without hearing aids and that’s another level of adaptation to get through. It’s kind of depressing because you hear but it’s not waist you’re accustomed to so it takes a long time for your brain to adapt. I have severe tinnitus 24/7. That’s another battle to overcome that seems like it’s going to make you insane till you finally adapt. You can’t fight tinnitus, you have to learn to accept it I actually find some comfort without hearing aids and just go into the drone like meditation. :cowboy_hat_face: