(ianrobo) #1

So over Xmas I never weighed myself, went off the Keto wagon but still did a fair amount of riding. What happened, put on 1.5kg as I found out this morning.

How did this happen under CICO ? surely not, well the truth is as we all know proves further CICO is bollox … Also always suspected I was IR this proves it as reality was I never had that many carbs maybe 100g a day (way less than I used to) and yet a significant weight gain.

Back on strict Keto now after 3 days of Keto flu but everything you hear about CICO being crap and the impact of IR, here I am proof of it !

(Richard Morris) #2

As ted Naiman said …

Everyone knows you can inject testosterone and grow muscle, but “Oh no fat mass is controlled not by insulin but by eating too many calories”. So it really baffles me why some people deny insulin. We have everything we need to know that Insulin controls fat mass.

(ianrobo) #3

beautiful way of putting it @richard ! not that I needed convincing but after 5 months of Keto shows what just a few days of carbs can do. I see Brian Williamson is really against cyclical carbing and so I am and this shows in me what happens and guess all of us ?

(Larry Lustig) #4

I don’t believe you need IR to account for this weight gain. It’s enough to have dropped out of ketosis long enough for your body to start storing glycogen – the 1.5 kg would, in that case, be largely water.

I’m embarrassed to say that I also was coloring outside the lines on Monday (one potato pancake and one home-made rugelach) and had a weight gain the next morning of about three pounds (pretty much the same as you). After a couple of days of keto eating (no fasting) it’s pretty much gone.

(ianrobo) #5

ahh @larry forgot the water but I did weigh myself two days after Keto Flu stopped and back in yet according to Ketonix … did a blood reading last night and 0 … so yes if water loss works then great back to 83.5 and on target for 80 by June !