Invite friends not on FB group before site is public?

(Karen Parrott) #1

Can I invite a friend who needs the resources before the site goes public? How do I invite her? TIA


Anyone who goes to the main page can sign up for an account now. It’s just not being accessed by Google until Jan 1.

(Larry Lustig) #3

You can:

  1. Advise her to visit the front page and sign up for an account.

  2. Click on your avatar in the upper-right, then click on your name, then click on Invites, then click on + Send an Invite (I assume this is available for all users, but it may be limited by trust level, so if you don’t see it use option 1). I believe there are extra badges for people who invite others this way.


In just checked for the Invite button for TL1 and it isn’t there. Gonna go look at TL2 now… brb

Yep. Invites are currently set up for TL2 and above.


If your friend has any problems setting up an account, I can send her an invite if you message me. Or any other admin can do it too.

(joievawter) #6

I tried the above method for inviting and I do not see an option to send an invite on my profile following the above steps.
I would like to send an invite to my friend Lisa Jones [email removed -carolt]
Thank-you for your help.

(Larry Lustig) #7

I sent one from my account and it appears it was immediately accepted. @joievawter.

(joievawter) #8

Thank-you. I told her last night that I would get her an invite. I appreciate your help & the update.
How do I tell what my trust level is?
I see “legacy” and I see “member” on profile, but I really don’t know how that translates to trust levels. Thanks again @larry!

(Larry Lustig) #9

I think everyone’s still at TL1 because it will take 100 days until anyone can earn TL2. Using the avatar in the upper right and expand the summary I think you can scroll down to your trust level.

(Derek I. Batting) #10

So we can’t invite people for over 3 month from our first day? If someone can sign up from the main page without a formal invitation, why is it 100 days before we can invite someone from inside?


Inviting a new memeber directly, instead of signing up on the main page, allows the invitee to bypass the first trust level (TL0) and therefore the 15 min waiting period. It’s just another safeguard to prevent massive abuse of the trust level system.


TL2 is only 15 days and it looks like we have quite a few of them now. It is “member” level. That said, I don’t know why Joie wasn’t able to see the invite button. It’s in a dropdown menu in your profile.

(joievawter) #13

I do have that but I thought it was to invite to chats,on the forum that are already on the forum. I misunderstood. Thank-you @carolT.