Interpretting DEXA Results - Stronger but somehow with less muscle?


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Ah. Thank you.


It’s two months later. I upped my protein intake to a minimum 200g/day (I weight around 242lbs) on lifting days, and supplement with at least 150g on non-lifting days.

I took another DEXA scan.

  • I got my lean mass back in my legs. Went up 3.4 lbs, but only 1.4 of it was lean.
  • total lean mass went up a total of 0.8 lbs, but fat went up 1.5 lbs.

My arms took a hit from two months ago. 4.4 lbs down! 2.4 of that was lean. Since I can lift more today that I could two months ago, that seemed very wrong to me. Also I took measurements at the beginning of the month, and biceps are larger, so on the surface, this didn’t make sense.

Why the difference? I think you guys were right, glycogen played a role… it wasn’t replenished. I did a heavy arm/back workout the day before for about an hour.

When I reported the my legs got ‘smaller’, I did a leg day the day before the scan.

So, would it be safe to say that one should wait 48 hours or so from the last workout to allow glycogen to get replenished in order to get a more accurate scan?