Intermittent Fasting Ideas

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I realised how bad the charts are when a vet was telling me my dog was overnight and needed a serious diet. She was a Rottweiler girl, but huge for the breed and actually stood an inch taller than males are supposed to get, but the vet couldn’t see past the fact that she was heavier than a female Rottweiler was supposed to be according to his charts…


I was actually hoping this would eventually be part of the topic and Dave talks at length to prove this point and another about how junk food outlets pop up around poorer housing areas in the UK.

I agree and love the dietary advice freely given by everyone here and hay it’s not debate club but I did want to raise awareness and get everyone’s experiences of these points.

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It is the same here in the US, you normally can’t find good grocery stores and a lot of fast food places in the poorer areas. And traveling the highways and roads about all you see is gas stations and fast food places.


The motorway here in the UK always has junk food outlets and they’re advertised too.

I’m shopping at the butchers in the local upmarket farm shop. Knowing what I know now after 18 months+ of Keto I’m not prepared to sponsor junk food outlets. They make people obese which is bad for both them and our national health service.

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I tried to shop for organic cream at a grocery store in a poorer section of my city the other day. Not only was there almost no good real food there, they wanted 30% more for the cream than the exact same product at the same exact store on my side of town. Disgusting, just disgusting, how they were taking advantage of a captive audience, people who didn’t have the ability to travel a few miles.

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It is the same here. I live in mostly a retirement community, even with the fact this is a very upscale area, our community is also a resort community with 9 golf courses and @ dozen lakes. We only have one real grocery store, that came in 2 years ago, that is very upscale and progressive compared to what we had before. Sure this is also Walmart and Sam’s Club area but the quality of food just isn’t there. The grocery store we have now listens to our needs if they don’t have it they will get it and without over charging. The residents here are a mix of the well to do as well as us normal retirees and now we are finally getting younger families to move into the area, mostly doctors, nurses and contractors that are willing to do the heavy lifting for the elderly people that we are.


50 or even 100% difference totally can happen in two different supermarkets next to each other, is it not like this elsewhere? Not for every items, sure but it’s normal to have huge differences… That’s why I go to the city, visit 4-5 supermarkets very close to each other and get everything where it’s cheapest (other factors come into play when there is noticeable difference, I do have my favorite brands of sour cream and camambert, for example).
I used to never go the the local supermarket in the village as it was very expensive. Now it’s cheaper than any bigger supermarket in the city regarding a few items (like meat or the only kind of proper cheese they have. the variety isn’t big but the prices are nice especially when things go on sale and that happens all the time).

By the way, not only I can’t imagine I could find things like “organic cream” anywhere, I can’t even buy cream or proper cheese nearby. The one I mentioned is a cheap trappista, that kind is traditionally crappy here but it got better during the decades, still not so nice but I realized that cheese whisps don’t care, they are very similar from any half-hard cheese and this one even changes its color showing it is ready… You can’t buy ANY other cheese around here at all. Just those inferior soft overly processed things, not proper cheese blocks. And I have standards even when poor.
Good thing cheeses last almost forever so we just grab a bunch in the city at our monthly big shoppping. It’s tiring.

And do you know what is disgusting, @kib1? Selling things with “mascarpone” on it while it contains… I don’t remember what but not something that should go into mascarpone. Maybe some starch? IDK. It was vile… Tasting nothing like mascarpone. My big shopping is long and tiring and my optimist may blind me despite I know people and food industry… So sometimes I don’t check labels.

Not like I was happy when there was a 2kg limit for pork fresh ham and they made only 1.1kg pieces… But they have a right for that I suppose and they didn’t ask for the price cap… And it was meat. The mascarpone thing made me quite upset.

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Hear ya. I only discovered yesterday that my “shredded mozzarella” is full of some starch to keep it from clumping; a small quantity has two grams carb where it should have none and it’s no damn wonder it won’t melt properly - which is the only reason to buy it shredded in the first place. :rage:.

The reason I was so annoyed with the cream was that I hunted it down online before leaving home, so I knew exactly what it cost at my Kroger, but since I was across town I decided to pick it up at the same chain, only to find that where the people are poor and less likely to have a way to comparison shop, they’re being vastly overcharged. You might think it would cost a bit less where people have less money to pay, but God forbid we go in for, gasp, socialism.

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Exactly! A little more work, but better to grate/shred your own.


Hey that’s NASTY!!! :rage:

I know about the starch in shredded cheese since long. As I feel and hate the starch flavor, I couldn’t not notice and drop it. I still buy shredded cheese but only hard ones. I have shredded Grana Padano in my fridge now, very useful and it’s even so very fine, it mixes into quiche and other things wonderfully while cheese grated by me (I hate grating so never do it for a bigger amount… still enjoy not to do it for a little) is in bigger pieces and while it’s good, it won’t be as smooth…?
As Grana Padano is very hard (I can’t tell it apart from parmesan), it doesn’t need anything else.

By the way, there is sunflower oil in raisins to avoid clumping (I least I suppose that is the goal. not making them shinier…). They clump like crazy, all the time. And my poor SO eats sunflower oil every day (he eats huge amounts of raisins and never skips a day). Very little though. if I survived the about 1 ton of it in my life… But STILL. We don’t want sunflower oil :frowning:

Yes… If the prices are too high, demand should go down unless it’s an item where it’s totally impossible but people can buy something else instead of anything I guess… It’s just easier to drop or seriously limit something less essential.
I even understand when prices are a bit higher (for special items, more than a bit) in a village than in the city, there is smaller profit in more distant, smaller places using the same price, it makes sense… But it’s not the case in your story…