Independent or "keto" blood work lab?


In the US - is there a blood work “kit” where you can have blood drawn and send it off for testing with results that are simple and easy to read? Or must I contact my grumpy primary doctor?

It would be nice if your local Walgreen’s offered a service like this. Knowledge is power.

(G. Andrew Duthie) #2

I don’t know if you can get blood tests “just because” from any of the pharmacy clinics or urgent care places, but might be worth calling them to ask.

You can, however, get blood tests done through Life Extension Foundation. They have a wide range of tests available at quite reasonable prices (self-pay, not through insurance).

The basic weight loss panel has most of the tests that would be relevant to keto (Insulin, A1C, glucose, lipid panel, hormones, etc.). There are many other tests available if you need info for other related (or non-related) conditions. Another test that’s worth having done occasionally is Vitamin D 25-Hydroxy. Vitamin D is increasingly being recognized as a really important nutrient for a whole range of conditions, and many (perhaps most) of us don’t get enough sun exposure to produce what we need.

Once you purchase a given test or tests, you simply schedule a draw from the closest LabCorp (LEF works with them for the testing), and they do the draw, and send the results to LEF. They then mail you a copy of the results, and also make them available on their website as PDF. Pretty easy.

(Tom Seest) #3

You can use and order your own tests. You’ll be directed to a local lab too have the blood work done.

There are some test at home kits, but they are somewhat limited.

(Carol E. ) #4

I have used these:

Try asking Mr. Google to search keywords self pay lab tests.

(Guardian of the bacon) #5

I used this lab service ULTA LAB

Received all of my results by email withing 1-2 days depending on the test.

I wasn’t able to use my insurance but I was able to use my HSA card. (Health Savings Account)


Perfect - Thanks to all!

@ carol - I did that but wanted the feedback of people who have used the service. Sometimes Mr. Google is a shot in the dark. Looking for some croudsourced focused feedback. Thanks!

(Guardian of the bacon) #7

I found that different online services contract with different labs. You have to look around a bit to find one that uses a lab local to you.

At least that was my experience but I’m pretty rural.


Also check with your local county Public Health office. Most public health offices in partnership with hospitals do some sort of public wellness outreach, where you can get your labs done for a flat fee. No insurance or nothing.

For me, our public wellness is every Feb of the year and costs $65 for a wellness lab exam and my A1C.

(Carol E. ) #9

Oh no problem! I am fueled by anecdotal information and KETONES! :wink: