Increasing weight, stuck in same weights going on 2 years


While that’s true, and a point I’ve always made myself, that’s what great about trackers using the adaptive TDEE model, it eliminates that as a problem and doesn’t matter that your metabolism isn’t a literal incinerator, because each person’s actual real life reflection of what’s happening is what dictates what it does, not the calories by themselves.

(Joey) #42

@lfod14 Many thanks for the detailed explanation of how the app works. I think I understand more fully now how it’s designed.

Nonetheless, I confess I’ll never get to the point where I can place any stock on an app that tells me how much I can eat.

Between informed menu choices and primitive hunger signals, I’ve already got the perfect app for that… it’s my hormonal system. Works like a charm, is highly accurate, and it’s self-adjusting over time based on actual trends.

I’m old school on this one. :vulcan_salute:

(Denise) #43

I’m not even into the app to tell me how long to do a rep etc. I just listen to my bod with my workouts as well. Plus the fact I don’t like having to mess with my phone.

I think we have all we need, we were made that way, some of us just need to learn how to fuel our bodies properly and keep in working-order as long as we can :wink: I used to hear that a “brain” was a terrible thing to waste, how true, but more so, our whole body is a terrible thing to waste, or to allow to waste away.

I do need to add that some folks like to get into all the numbers, and the science of everything and more power to them, I just scratch the surface of things but for awhile, I was really into all the bells & whistles they had at MFP, and Cronometer was an attraction for me just a short time.

I still occasionally like to go use my diary on MFP to check out new foods etc. It’s hand, but it got so repetitive for me because I have a boring diet, and same activities. Now I’ve learned enough I don’t need to track things.

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The food calorie (kilocalorie) was always a pretty useless metric, even back when it was all we knew how to measure. We got stuck thinking of food in terms of calories simply because a century ago, calories were all we knew how to measure. So if calorie count was all we knew how to measure, it had to be relevant right? Especially since we didn’t know how to measure anything else. Now that we know how to assess other properties of the foods we eat, why change from a metric we know and love to one that actually works? Surely, that way lies madness! [/s].

ETA: Has anyone ever calculated how the heat yield of combustion correlates with net ATP production?

(Denise) #45

Wanted to check in here as I am doing way better at the gym. Upped some weights, and varied my workouts with using the machines as well as the pulley types.

@Pete_A, I’ve kept up on my floor exercises and have a routine now that looks like this:

40 count hold, for all but pushups:

Pushups - 12 count
Bird Dog - 40 count
Leg lifts - 40 count both at same time
On my side, leg lifts, 40 each side
Planks - 40 count
Hip-thrust and hold to 40 count.

I do the body-weight stuff every day before my shower, then every other day to the gym. In between I go for walks, usually down along the Beach Drive for 1 hour up and back. Started noticing my muscles way more, no pain just stronger, and shaping up faster, especially abs :wink:

(Robin) #46

Lady, you are definitely an inspiration. But not enough to get my lazy rear moving. My only real exercise is rowing. Still.
Well, and slowly walking an old, arthritic dog several times a day. But when he poops out, I put him in a dog stroller and finish at a faster pace. We get some great comments. And a few laughs.

(Denise) #47

Hey, you’re doing what you can, as well as what is working for you. Who knows why I’ve gotten so into it now, but my idea is that it gets me out, I live alone, and it gives me something both socially, and health-wise. In other words, I have nothing better to do LOL!!

(Denise) #49

Ok, I’ll bite, what is focused myopic? I feel like I’m on Jeopardy :sweat_smile:

(Pete A) #51

Keep going. Why not, right?

(Denise) #52

I figured when you turned me onto those exercises, nothing wrong with holding longer. Pushups are major hard for me but I’m up to 12 and I only can go down about a quarter of the way but I’ll improve on that. Also, you were so right to keep pushing on those bird-dogs, my balance is so much better already I can hold those longer to as you can see :wink: First time I fell over a few times, LOL!!

(Denise) #54

Sometimes I take 2 whole days just to stay home, do laundry, maybe one errand I’ll need to run. I just think I need the rest, not on the run so much. I plus our weather has been warmer, but overcast/hazy and I think we are getting smoke blown in from wildfires. When that happens, I turn my air-purifier and stay in. I can do my floor exercises if I want but like today, I feel I need a rest :wink: