I'm Stuck!

(holistciRN) #21

I’d say up your protein and check your ‘keto friendly’ foods. Instead of the health bar, eat real food, like some chicken, tuna or other protein. What do you mean by “doing keto for awhile now”, how long exactly? Plateaus are common, mine lasted a YEAR till I realized I was eating nearly enough to maintain my lean mass. Do some research, check out Maria Emmerich, she is a wonder in this journey and has so many fantastic recipes. You don’t need to deny yourself to do keto properly, you need tweaking of the things to do correctly. A lot of people will say ‘up the fat’, but I totally disagree as do many ‘keto gurus’. Think about it, you have excess fat on your body that you want to get rid of, right? When you give your body fat, in the form of oils, butter etc, it will happily burn that fat and never need to access the stores you already have on your body! Add protein! Fat is a natural component of most proteins so you will get enough from that. Do not add fat, ie some people advocate butter on their steak or in their coffee. This may work in the beginning to get the body used to the idea of fat burning and also to add to satiation. Later in our journey, we can stop adding extra fat for no reason.


Adding fat may work all our life if we like too lean meats or need the calories. I don’t so I usually don’t add fat. I ate high fat low-carb/keto for such a long time, it just keeps me fat, no wonder. I just have a hard time eating lean (around 60%. I probably never ate less fatty than that regularly, it’s not easy…) so I kept trying various things. Fat fast days actually seem to work so eating a lot of extra fat isn’t necessary bad :wink: And if one loves lean items or need less protein or have a high energy need, extra fat may be very much needed. It’s individual.

An advice that works for everyone is extremely rare. We all need to find what works for us. I like that we say different things, it helps telling the message there is no single recipe for all.