I'm Baaaack and I'm getting Married!


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Hello, everyone! I took an unintentional ridiculously long hiatus from Keto and man do I regret that! I’m back on day 2 take 3. But hey, it’s worked before and if I stop sucking at life and stick with it, it should work again right? :slight_smile: Also, I am getting married! My fiance proposed in December and I’ve had all this time to not look like a beached whale in white in September, but I chose foods that made me feel like crap instead. Can’t change the past though so here is to moving forward and being able to feel good about myself on our big day and not want to burn our wedding photos in the future because I hated myself. I’m super dramatic, aren’t I? That’s just who I am I suppose. Anywhozers, I’m back on this train and I plan on sticking with it until I get cake smashed in my face on September 21st. and then resuming afterwards of course because we paid for a ridiculously expensive trip to an all inclusive resort in mexico after the wedding and I don’t want to spend it feeling like crap. So any motivation/tips/tricks would be very much appreciated! I’m going to try to stick to this blog better this time because it seems to be motivation in itself. Anyone willing to be an accountability buddy? :smiley:

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Congratulations @raynebow, and welcome back!

Best of luck sticking to it this time, and not sucking at life. :slight_smile:

(Anna P) #3

Thank you so much! I will do my best and attempt to at least suck a little less this time :smiley:

(Robert C) #4

You might want to truly focus on your “why”.

The marriage ceremony is not a good “why” as it might only really start pressuring you 2 months out, in late July. When it does pressure you, you’ll be upset you let it go until then.

Of course, it would actually be better to have the weight off in 2 months (in July). Done and out of the way - off your mind when there will be so many other things on your mind. And the dress fitting will be greatly simplified if you are already at goal. As well, the last few pounds can be really difficult, do you want that within weeks of the ceremony?

So, think about a “why” - a strong “why” - probably associated with your health.
A “why” that will also carry through after the wedding (again, another reason not to make your wedding your “why”, because, once done - so is your reason to stay slim).

(Anna P) #5

Thank you! My wedding isn’t my why, it’s just my current motivation. that is what i struggle to keep. I’ve struggled with my weight my entire life and have always had a hard time keeping up the routine. Sometimes i get really down on myself and spiral out of control emotionally and physically. i’m not making excuses, i know not sticking to it has been my fault. Just trying to get into a lifestyle routine that makes me feel better.

(Robert C) #6

Sounds good - keep yourself positive.


You have 19 weeks and 4 days to go.

Maybe plan for half of your planned weight loss to be done in 6 weeks (about one third of the time) to give you enough time to handle the second half (which includes the last 10 pounds - a real time eater).

If you are starting with a lot of weight to lose, initial weight loss can be larger and (for the first half) pretty even so, figure out what you need to lose per week for each of the first 6 weeks.

Then, think about your plan, will it really get rid of that amount of pounds each week? If it is 1 pound a week, maybe strict whole-food-only Keto would be fine but, if it is 3 pounds a week, you might need to think about other things.

Monitor and be honest with yourself at the end of each week in terms of progress toward your initial 6 week goal.

Keto is a way-of-eating and great long term but not necessarily good for something with such a near-term deadline. For example, you might not be able to afford staying approximately the same weight while spending 2 or 3 months becoming fat adapted (you may have to accelerate that through a few EFs or something).

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I really like the advice about aiming to get the bulk of the weight off as early as possible, if only because the closer to the date you get, the higher the stress will be. I still remember the stress of my small and simple wedding- so just speaking from experience.

Regardless, CONGRATS! And welcome back - I’m newish here, and definitely to you :laughing: You got this!

(Julie ) #8

Congrats! and welcome back.

(Marianne) #9

Congratulations! What helped me in the beginning was eating enough food and fat. I ate three meals a day and it was totally mind blowing and satisfying. I think the combo of food and sufficient fat made me lose all compulsion for sweets and carbs, something I didn’t know was possible. It made sticking to keto very painless. I’d venture to say if you do this for a couple of weeks, you will find you have no desire to eat that often. That is the introduction of fat adaptation and IF, which will help you even more. Keep us posted!

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(Liz) #11

Way to go! You will get there…with each step back you will move one or two forward. You may have to address the emotional part…trust me I know and I still have my struggles especially with giving up my nightly wine!. Overall keto makes many people feel great and soon you will go towards that rather than slide into the crap feeling! In the meantime have a heyday at your wedding. I am sure your future hubby loves you no matter what!