If you want to be angry

(ishaisagi) #1

Watch http://www.foodchoicesmovie.com/
My partner just watched it and it’s horrible. Quote: “when you are in ketosis you are sick and that’s why you are not hungry” (prof emeritus of somewhere).
Also promoting https://www.drmcdougall.com/health/shopping/books/starch-solution/ (eat more carbs, lose weight).
All because the industry treats animals like crap. Wish there was an easy solution.

(Richard Morris) #2

Dr Greger is a funny little monkey.

I disagree with @ted.naiman who suggests he may simply be ignorant, I think he will say absolutely anything to convince people to not eat animals.

(Larry Lustig) #3

I haven’t watched the movie but I have to ask – are there actually people who want to be angry. I never find it a pleasant emotional state.

(ishaisagi) #4

have you been to facebook\twitter lately? anger is great to get people to react - which is why our feed is always full with outrage about things that people we disagree with are doing.
But to the point - this is more of a warning about the movie. if you watch it you will get angry.


It made me angry but also confused when he stated that saturated fat blocks cells from absorbing insulin. I don’t understand how someone can still think that if they are truly looking at the evidence. I searched weeks ago for a response/opinion from a good source (like 2 keto dudes). I just found it, haha!