If you don't eat foods with mcts on keto diet

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How does it affect you?

I had to cut out dairy and being pescatarian I don’t eat lard. When I could eat cheese I felt really good. It was my dessert. I think my brain ran on cheese. I miss that sometimes. I only eat fish fat, avocados and nuts. In the past coconut oil made me a bit sick and with the flakes they are just so sweet and I don’t like sweet tasting things. I prefer savory. If I were able to get used to coconut do you think I would feel better, and is it easier on the body in a ketogenic state when consuming foods with mcts?


There’s no requirement to intentionally eat MCT’s.

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It is said that medium-chain triglycerides can be converted “more easily” to ketones in the body, but I have no idea what that means or what study(ies) that is based on. Since ketones are partially-metabolised fatty acids, I’m not sure that it makes that much difference. As far as I know, the mitochondria simply carve a certain number of carbon atoms off the chain and then go to work, repeating the cycle until the entire chain has been carved up.

As for whether the mitochondrion stops the metabolic process at one or more of the ketone bodies, or whether it continues metabolising till it’s left with carbon dioxide and water, that depends on a number of different stimuli. Skeletal muscle cells prefer to start with fatty acids and metabolise them completely, the liver makes ketones and ships them out in the blood stream for whatever other organs want them, and the heart and brain start with ketones and metabolise them fully.

Any cell that can metabolise fatty acids produces ketones during that process, but it doesn’t usually stop metabolising at that point. Only the liver makes quantities of ketones to be shared, so far as I know.

The process of producing ketones from a fat is analogous to the production of charcoal from burning wood. Most stoves just go all the way to ash and carbon dioxide, unless someone intervenes and saves the charcoal once the wood has been partially burnt.

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Just an fyi, mct oil is extracted from coconut oil - supposedly a simple process that just involves warming, no chemicals - but the brand I tried had no real flavor or scent of coconut. Or anything else. You might not notice it as much.


Only Virgin / Unrefined Coconut Oil still has the coconut flavor to it, doesn’t work out well in most use cases.


Not addressing your main question, but might you have gotten your hands on some sweetened coconut flakes by chance instead of the unsweetened coconut flakes that are much more difficult to find? Just a thought.


Oh my god, is that a thing now? :scream:

If one doesn’t like sweet things, they surely won’t like coconut flakes as they are quite sweet to begin with…
I like sweet but I got bored of the coconut flavor eventually. I couldn’t drink coffee with coconut milk anymore, too sweet and too coconutty :wink:


Yes, they are sweet to begin with. But where I live in Virginia, USA, it is very difficult to find coconut flakes that haven’t been coated with sugar.


Wow. I never saw that here. We have basically coconut fiber sold as coconut flakes in most supermarkets. Very clearly robbed by the fat as there is very obviously no sweetness, no fat, no taste with the label for true flakes… How they can get off with it I have no idea. Why do people buy it at all…?
I still can buy a true one at one place but I am getting ready to get rid of coconut flakes in all of my recipes…

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No mix up. The first thing I did was make sure it said unsweetened.

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I tried coconut oil again the other night. Felt yucky, nauseous and like i wished it had been real food. However the next day at around 3 or 4 pm I felt better mentally, like it had somehow finally processed into a good energy. I may try again but the problem is that right after I eat it I regret it. 12 or 15 hours later I feel like it might have helped me.

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Have you tried liquid coconut oil in a glass bottle?

Is there a nut farm near you?

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I’ve been taking nutiva extra virgin organic coconut oil in glass bottle.

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Have you tried this one? No lauric acid.

Organic Liquid Coconut Oil | Nutiva

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I began Keto with coconut oil and fat meat, and I turned to be fat burning mode very quick, so I believe coconut oil is a good option. Add it to a cup of coffee in the morning with no other food, that’s what I did.

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Why do you think it’s better without Lauric acid?

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No loose stools.

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I can find unsweetened versions in CT. They are just super high in calories (and I’m not a calorie person at all).