I was brave today...tried on pants

(Cindy Ward) #1

LOL, that title sounds kind of weird, but…whatever. Earlier this year, I put away a couple of non-stretchy blue jeans. I’d gained too much weight to comfortably wear them while in the saddle. Instead, I purchased some stretchy jeans. I posted in another thread that I thought those stretchy jeans were getting uncomfortably loose, so I decided to quit being a chicken and try the others on. That way, I at least have a current benchmark for gauging keto progress.

Of the 3 I tried, I can easily wear one pair, one pair would be snug until worn for a few minutes, and the 3rd wouldn’t button. Now I have non-scale markers for judging size/weight loss. :slight_smile:

And just because pictures are fun, here’s my motivation to drop weight again. This is my 17h horse, Ty. I’m selling him in the spring :\ and purchasing another horse…so I want to feel good in the saddle and that means getting some pounds off.


Great job! Beautiful horse.

(the cheater) #3

Don’t tell him he’s your 17th horse. As a horse, I can attest that hearing things like that have a negative impact on our self esteem :wink:

(Diana ) #4

Kind of like being introduced as “My next ex-husband”, eh?

(Cindy Ward) #5

LOL, not 17th horse. 17h horse, as in, he’s 17 hands tall, which is fairly tall for a horse.

(Cindy Ward) #6

He is a gorgeous horse. He was my Mounted Patrol horse, but we quit doing MP work last year, so he’s just being lazy in the pasture these days.

(Laurie) #7

So he’s outstanding in his field?

(Cindy Ward) #8

Yes, absolutely! He excels at grazing, pooping, getting dirty, etc. :smiley:

(Daisy) #9

Lol when I first started reading your post, I thought you meant not comfortable in the saddle, like in the seat of your pants (your butt). Then I got to the picture and said (almost aloud) Oh! IN THE SADDLE! Lol

(Cindy Ward) #10

Yes, an actual saddle! LOL The extra weight throws off my balance, makes it more difficult to mount (duh), and really just makes me feel horrible about myself. Like, why would anyone listen to me as a horse person/trainer (we host training clinics at our property) when I’m waddling around the property. :frowning:

(You cannot outrun a bad diet) #11

Not weird at all. Not here, at least. All those pants that used to require bravery, now are en-route to Goodwill.

(Cindy Ward) #12

Not Goodwill quite yet, although I predict I’ve got about a week more wearing my current stretchy jeans. It’s annoying (in a good way) to keep pulling them up!

(Michelle) #13

17hh not 17th :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:
We measure horse’s in hands (hh).
About 5’8" to his withers. (top of his shoulders :slightly_smiling_face:)

As a fellow rider I understand how much better I ride with the extra weight gone.

(Cindy Ward) #14

So today I’m wearing jeans #2. Just entirely skipped the loose ones and can comfortably wear #2. Next goal…#3…at which time, I’ll pull some smaller jeans out of the closet that I stopped wearing last year or the year before.

It’s hard being patient sometimes, but I know NOT weighing is a better route for me. Once I’m wearing the NEXT set of jeans, I’ll weigh because, at that point, I won’t be seriously bummed by the number on the scale.

(Kristen Ann) #15

Beautiful horse! :heart_eyes: Is he part Friesian? I use jeans to measure my weight loss too!

(Cindy Ward) #16

Yes, he’s a Friesian Sport Horse. 1/16th Percheron. He’s very sun-bleached in that picture, but when I first bought him, he’s been barn-kept so was black, slick and shiny.