I want a Reese Cup not a fat bomb


Today I yelled and screamed ugly things at my scale. I was so upset i forgot to put my bra on for the first time in my 47 year life. Normally I would just say to Hell with this I am eating a Reese cup. I am a sugar addict and would would eat 4 to 6 Reese cups on most days. I started my Keto journey May 7th at 407, and the scale has been my best friend. Well we had a huge fight today. It has been taunting me by staying stuck on the same weight all week. some days its 387.8, next day its 387.0 then the next day its 387.2. Ideally I know we should not weigh everyday. However, I do and well continue. I am proud I turned a corner and directed my anger at the scale and not internal and go on a sweet eating binge. Oh how I love those binges. I would feel so good after consoling myself with ice cream, cupcakes, chocolate, pizza, popcorn and macaroni and cheese. I am in heaven just thinking about it. This is so hard for me but I am committed to this journey and no matter what that scale says I am staying focused. I love myself and I am super emotional during this but I needed to just get it out. being super obese sucks and I want out of this body I am trapped in. So to my scale to hell with you today but you will not derail my journey I am determined to get out of my 300’s and am on my way.

(CharleyD) #2

That’s the spirit Keylee!


(Karen) #3

You’ve got this! I hear your determination. I just had a 90% lindt square. Cocoa!!! Trust me though, one’s enough.


(LeeAnn Brooks) #4

Really? I have to have 2. But that’s totally enough for me.

(LeeAnn Brooks) #5

The good news is cravings for sweets do start to wane after doing Keto awhile, particularly after becoming fat adapted.
If I get a little craving for it now and then, I’ll take a couple squares of extra dark chocolate and top each with either marscapone flavored with vanilla, cinnamon and a drop of Stevia or a small amount of an unsweetened nut butter. It’s definately not as sweet as Reese’s, but you’ll find you don’t need nearly as sweet over time.

(Kate) #6

Good for for you @Keylee!! I know that you said that you will continue to weight yourself, but I recommend that you seriously consider taking a break for a while. Maybe ‘hide’ it in a closet, or ask a friend or family member to hide it for a while. I stopped weighing myself for mental sanity reasons.

If you still want to weigh yourself every day, I heard that a good strategy is to take note only of weekly averages. So every Saturday take the average of your daily check-ins, and then pay attention to that number. Does that make sense? Our daily fluctuations are affected by so many factors (how much water you drank, if you went to the bathroom, etc.) that it can really be a mind battle to keep up, and the little daily changes do not matter. A weekly average would probably be better.


You’ve got this! And boy do I want a peanut butter cup right now - they were my biggest addiction and I still miss them terribly, especially since I still have a ton of them in my freezer.

What helps me (and might help you) is that I remind myself that I am “choosing” not to eat it. Rather than feeling like I’m deprived and that I am not allowed to have it, I say I “choose” not to eat this. I can have it if I want, but I choose not to."

That’s how I finally managed to give up smoking years ago, too.

Good luck!

(Troy) #8

Nicely said😄

(Karen) #9

Honey, throw out the frozen reeses. It’s a temptation you don’t need. Straight to the trash on pick up day!



How about I just move them to the freezer in the basement that I hardly ever go into… these are “special” packages of peanut butter cups… each cup is 1/2 a pound - HUGE. My husband saw them in a specialty store (right before I re-started) keto and bought all they had. They’ll be fine in a freezer, and someday when I am fat adapted and want to splurge, I may eat small amounts. No sense in wasting “special edition” foods. That’s my story and I’m sticking with it. :wink:

(KetoQ) #11

You’ve made some great progress, and a Reese Cup is not worth all the hard work you’ve put in so far.

It sounds like you are building the mental toughness that will help you succeed. Keep up the good work and positive attitude!

Good luck.

(Roy D Rushing Jr ) #12

Yeah yeah. It’s not like they sell those everywhere around Christmas, Easter, and Halloween. :wink:


Seriously? I have never ever seen a peanut butter cup this big!

(Roy D Rushing Jr ) #14

I’ve gotten them for people for Christmas for at least the last three years running. They had giant York peppermint patties, snickers, and 5lb Hershey bars too. Of course I had to get one of each for myself too lol.

(Andrea Van Pelt) #15

I am proud of you! Those are hard cravings to resist…Sugar grabs us and takes hold of us…i applaud your very hard work …more than physical…but there’s a lot going on in your head on this one. you are amazing

(Pete A) #16

If you could do this, great. I however would go MAD.


Awwwww, how sweet! I just keep telling myself that I can have one if I want, but I CHOOSE not to. Puts the power back in my court and makes me feel less deprived.

At the office this week we have international visitors in so there is food all day, breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks. The only stuff I’ve eaten is a sandwich without the bread. The rest of the “goodies” have actually not been that hard… perhaps my brain is getting retrained.


Actually they’re still in the upstairs freezer that I go into at least once a day… I think I’ve gotten so used to seeing that bright orange wrapper that I don’t even notice them anymore. Of course, NOW I’m thinking about them. LOL