I need a few volunteers readers for a blog post I'm writing to lay people


(Dave) #1

If you’re interested and respond in the next hour or two here, I’ll add you to a group message where I’ll be previewing the text of my next blog post.

You don’t need to be technical, in fact I’d prefer if you weren’t. I mainly need to see if it is easy enough to understand and follow. Just read it and let me know.

And of course, please keep confidential until it is posted to my blog. Thanks!


I’m in!

(Larry Lustig) #3

Happy to.

(AnnaLeeThal) #4

Can do!

(Laura) #5

Absolutely interested. Highy Technical isn’t my thing and mums the word. At least my doc didn’t get all judgmental when I said no statins.

(Guardian of the bacon) #6

I got nuthin but time my friend. My ma was an English teacher for 30 years so I actually do know spelling, punctuation & grammar. I’m just too lazy to utilize it most days.

(carl) #7

I’m in

(matt ) #8

I’m game.

(Tom Seest) #9

I’m happy too help…

(Tom Seest) #10

When you say Lay People, you mean the “Average Joe or Josephine”, not litterally lay people right?

I don’t need those kind of images…