I miss popcorn

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In case anyone’s interested.

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Several things here don’t make sense to me.

  1. Corn unpopped is not very keto at all.
  2. does the act of popping it reduce carb content (like magic)?
  3. Air poppers? I want the corn popped in keto friendly coconut oil like it used to be.
  4. I can now put real butter on it again like when I was a kid, guilt free.
  5. If number 2 is true I am all in but that is not going to be likely.

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I use a popper on the stove that mixes the kernels with oil. We use 2 tbsp oil (say, 1 Tbsp coconut with 1 Tbsp Ghee), then add butter and salt.

But the carb content, if you’re not gobbling down all of it, it not that high.

I personally never ate popcorn until our kids took a liking to it.

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This would worry me most. Plus, my body is no longer used to that much fiber and my digestive systems tends to run slow speed anyway. I’d be afraid it’d put the breaks on my momentum.

CarbManager says 5 net carbs for 1 cup. That’s like the Lays Potato Chip slogan, who can eat just one? Not this girl. I have to be extremely careful of slippery slopes.

@Janie, I can see where in maintenance, the occasional treat would work out great. Someday…:slight_smile:


Me too. For me, this would be just like eating any other carb typically not allowed on Keto but justifying eating it because the portion I am eating comes to less than 20g of carb.

The slippery slope that occurs from doing this is well evidenced by many “I accidentally had too many carbs” threads that regularly frequent this and many forums.

I don’t really have intention of returning to anything that is purely carbs, but if I were to even consider it, I’d like to have been on keto for at least 5 years before doing so…but knowing myself, time would probably only sharpen my resolve.

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6.9 g per 1 cup popped. Not too bad!

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I’ve had popcorn one time, that I remember (since Keto 2/2017) , I probably ate more than 1 cup, maybe 2. I made it with coconut oil in a microwave popper I have, and added generous butter. I haven’t really craved it since. Though I do love Garrett’s cheese and Caramel mix. Not Keto, and I do now remember having some about a year? ago. But I only had a couple handfuls. :blush:

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Love me popcorn. I’m still burning of fat from decades + buckets of copious popcorn consumption. I haven’t had ANY in 2.5 years.

I’m OK. Really, I’m OK.

You may be able to eat popcorn, but don’t take statements here as insurance it’s OK. Different evidence-based low-carb approaches have different guidance for what is acceptable. Even then, they’ll offer limits. Get to know your own body and how you react to various foods. Besides, “know theyself” is it’s own reward.


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One cup? Yeah like that is going to happen, that’s like to handfuls. So it is not low carb for me when I eat half the bowl. I think it would be best for me if I pass.

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Try Skinny Girl individual bags. 4 net carbs per bag and it’s satisfying.

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The problem is I’m very similar to you I can’t control myself at one serving


That’s the thing - controlling yourself to limit your portion. Ideally, eat a hugely satisfying meal BEFORE you have the popcorn! It helps a lot! In the old days, I’d sometimes a huge bowl of popcorn + butter and a natural root beer or a stout ale… as dinner! Those low/zero protein meal days are gone, lololol.

As an accompaniment to movie night - I recently bought some Amish popcorn - heritage strains of corn - and am very much looking forward to popping it on the stove and topping it with generous melted butter and sea salt. I haven’t made it yet, but it’s on the cabinet above my stove, and am very much looking forward to it when the time is right.


Yea. I know. I feel ya! :slight_smile:

I sure miss some old favs also.
I learned more and more to just put it out of my head. I really don’t want to ruin all my great results from being on an eating plan…so I think for me it is just best to tuck it all away in back and forget about it.

Focus on all the great foods I can eat…time to let the old foods die in my mind. Only way I can try to just let it go ya know. Drop the food past and just focus on the food future :slight_smile:

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Hahahaha!! I used to pop 1/4 C of seeds and…eat the results MYSELF! I could never stop at 1 cup. If I do want something salty and crunchy, Baked Cheese can satisfy me now.

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If something causes you to overeat, then you should not eat it. I never ate popcorn while on low fat, as it had to have fat to taste good. I did not eat popcorn for decades. So, I can eat my small amount of popcorn now and do not want more. Same with cheese – if I eat some cheese, I have no desire to eat more.

Contrast that with yogurt, nuts (save Macadamias), bacon, etc. I avoid these because they make me eat more.

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Right I just avoided it all together just so I don’t get myself in a situation and then feel sad and then is spiral out of control. I have an unhealthy relationship with food personally and I’m just getting it under control after losing 55 pounds