I love UNREAD and NEW

(Richard Morris) #1

I love that I can go into the forum, and right from the home page, hit one button (unread) and see all the threads I am watching that have new content. And I can hit new to see all new topics that I have not yet read.

It takes something that used to take me several hours on Facebook every day - a few minutes.

FaceBook could have implemented both of these as they know what I have seen … but why would they want me to just spend a few minutes on their site when they would rather expose me to their advertising for hours.

We will likely have advertising, we will have to in order to pay for our hosting fees … but we can make sure it’ll be keto friendly and minimal.


AND I can open separate threads in tabs on the phone. FB made it so I would always lose my placewhen I went off on a tangent.

(Larry Lustig) #4

Let me just put in my vote for allowing advertising for anything other than keto-related products.

(Richard Morris) #5

I hope we can find products that are not specifically keto-related that are still keto friendly. Like a sous-vide gadget … there’s a product I’d love to endorse.

But I don’t want to endorse products that are keto unfriendly. Like high protein candy bars, or synthetic exogenous ketones.

(Larry Lustig) #6

I think you should endorse products as you see fit. But as soon as money enters the mix it gets a little uncomfortable. For instance, I would feel honor bound to not say anything that could be construed as critical about anyone supporting the site financially.

So, yeah, tangentially related stuff (cooking equipment, for example, maybe exercise equipment) are great. But where you’re providing expert opinion and editorial content, it would be nice – if possible – not to muddy the water.

Of course that might not be possible since the natural population of advertisers is, in fact, the Bulletproof, protein bars, and exogenous ketone retailers of the world.

(karinandglen) #7

I’m still trying to get used to it. I think it’s more that I don’t have the foggiest what I’m doing yet
but I’ll persevere! I can’t give up my peeps!

(No I'm not mad - that's just my face) #8

May I suggest an Amazon button? If users go to Amazon.com through the link/button on your site, you get a small percentage (as I understand it).