I know a lot of you stay keto over Thanksgiving but I don't


I am also smoking a 25 lb bird that is keto but I go to the sark side for a few days when all the family is and we eat our traditional PHEAST

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I live with 2 world class bakers so I’m used to the oven constantly on. Baking pies, muffins, cornbread, cranberry bread, banana bread, cookies, cake, etc. aromas filling the air.

But I’ve got the drill down pat. Keep protein to minimum. Water, salt capsules, then: carnivorous for a week straight after.

That being said I’ve been done eating (chicken & beef) since noon. Avoiding the kitchen for 24 hours.

(May the blessing of bacon be always with you) #3

Ah, just what I needed, a picture of an apple pie to help tempt me to pig out on stuffing, sweet potatoes with marshmallows, apple pie, pumpkin pie, and mince pie. So very helpful, thanks. (As is probably obvious, I’ve gone over to the snark side. :grin:)

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Don’t worry, Friend. I won’t tell you about the horrible, no good, very bad, WONDERFUL things I’ve indulged today. :wink:


I really love apple pie :slight_smile: I don’t crave it ever but I find it super tasty.
It’s so easy when things I would eat if they would be here with me simply never are around :wink:

Not like I have much problem with going off keto occasionally, I do that. But apple pie is a bit much… Starch and sugar galore… Better don’t go there. Just very rarely when my rebellious inner self can’t contain its… whatever it has, I don’t really have communication with that wild child, it just runs amok sometimes. I usually try to indulge it in a very modest way to keep it content. It never works for very long.

Apropos modest way, I have a quite nice keto quince cake, very low-carb. Still a very off item as my default woe is carnivore-ish but better than some sugary apple pie from my SO’s Mom (she makes a wonderful one. and it’s so wrong as sugar is so easy to skip without making the result any worse taste wise). I actually don’t know what I would do if I met that thing now. She rarely makes it since she knows about her diabetes and I seriously doubt I would eat up 1/3 of the oven pan like many years ago… She didn’t make it too sweet.

What I totally love is talking about tasty things, no matter how carby they are. It probably helps me not to eat them. Food joy is food joy even if I don’t eat just talk, watch, sometimes cooking works too but less well if I actually love the stuff.

But the apple pie on the photo has too much crust to my liking. We make different pies here. They rarely are round. Is that still a pie? It has crust and apple and the cover may be a full sheet or grid, I prefer the latter…
And lots of walnut is included.

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That kind of temptation is one reason I don’t celebrate holidays. One piece of pie at holiday time (“Come on, it’s Christmas”) had me off the wagon and eating carbs for YEARS after.


I am pretty bad at one piece. Not my style.
I was more like the 20 pieces type before Christmas (every Sunday in December before Christmas had baked treats galore at the village center, after some talk and music and whatever and I as a choir member always was there. and the women in this village bake amazing things. okay, I can’t eat most of the sweet things anymore but I had some wild times years ago).

And what if it’s Christmas? I really love food but Christmas never was about food for me. I can eat nice food any time, why is Christmas that special? Unless the host has some great recipe they only use at Christmas for some reason. I don’t have that.
Just a traumatic old 24th of December I wrote about and deleted it. Main thing that I decided Christmas must be filled with peace and love, it’s not about food. One must eat but it shouldn’t be fancy and shouldn’t be a lot. Especially not if the one who makes them spends a day in extreme stress and yells at their kid who is starving and wants a piece of ANYTHING to eat during the day. (It wasn’t the brightest moment of Mom. She was fine but had some flaws. It only happened once but I never will forget.)
Oh well I still wrote about it. But it’s relevant. I CRAVED just one simple meal with PEACE. Not zillion different foods and way too much desserts.
So Christmas is all about simplicity and peace for me.
Nothing against people eating treats but they definitely shouldn’t have a problem with others NOT eating according to very different people’s ideals.

Oh my, it’s always super weird to me. I had carby Decembers. It lead to sugar poisoning, of course (or not of course but I am like that) so I CRAVED a super low-carb January every time. Actually, I started my keto times on the 25th or on the 26th already. (Christmas is the 24th to me, that’s when there is Christmas family dinner and gifts).

But now, since I tried out carnivore and decided I must stay close… Having 2 carby days are a huge stretch. I run back to carnivore when that happens, I have no control over that, I must.

So I don’t really fear high-carb days, I just don’t want them…? But they will result in carnivore days afterwards, almost inevitably. While I still feel quite okay… It is a blessing and a curse in one but I will handle it somehow…

Years… shudder Scary. When I wasn’t a keto veteran yet (even if I do it on and off, it’s experience and changes happened), I could do a month or something? But I had fruit seasons, of course I couldn’t do keto. But even then, keto was way too tempting, couldn’t resist. I don’t even get it, keto wasn’t very beneficial to me, I had to go lower… I think part of me felt that’s my way. I rarely have strong gut feelings but they are right. It’s very helpful.

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My daughter made a chocolate mousse pie with a graham cracker crust yesterday. Normally, I’m not a big choco-holic, but I had one bite of that and it was one of the best things I’d tasted in a while. Had to have more. This morning, I thought it sure would be nice to have a bite of that pie, but I’m determined to get back on plan. So fried eggs and ham for me instead.