I guess I'm at that "plateau" they speak of


Lots of great advice already given in this tread. But, let me add just a little bit more.

Please consider seeking out the help of a fitness coach, trainer, or whatever your local gym calls them to help guide you through any new exercise, especailly something like squats if you have never done them before. There is definitely a “right” and “wrong” way to do them. And as helpful as videos and other training tools, or even the advice given here can be, nothing replaces someone there to really help you through the process.

(Denise) #22

Thank you, I certainly will check out the prices again, if I intend to go over into free-weights, particularly squats :slightly_smiling_face:


Our YMCA offers those types of things free to the members. Hopefully your facility will also.

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I think I was way off in the price for a trainer, even for just an hour I believe it’s 60 dollars. I think for now, I will just do things the way I have been, using youtube, and of course here with folks here. I just can’t afford 60 dollars on one hour of instruction. I’ve got a pretty good handle on how “not” to do weights and to listen to my body. I appreciate ALL the help here though, so much :wink: and I’ll always be careful, pretty ocd about it :wink:


I guess that price doesn’t surprise me for a personal trainer. It is unfortunate that your facility doesn’t offer someone to help you through these things as part of your membership. As I mentioned above, our YMCA has trainers on the floor all day long that provide those services for free as part of your membership.

Full disclosure, for those of you that don’t know, I am current board VP (and immediate past president) of a large Reginal YMCA here in Pennsylvania. We often discuss programming, staffing needs, etc. as part of running a well organized, efficient operation for the benefit of our membership. Things like having the full time floor staff, “Fittness Coaches” as we call them, is quite a payroll expense as you can imagine. But, as evidenced by your story, it is a nice asset to have in our quest to provide best possible service to our members.

Now, I realize of course that not all fittness facilities can afford to offer those resources. But, it makes me feel good to know that something that we are doing here does fill a need.

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If/when I get moved back to my home-town, they do have a YMCA! So that will be something I check into. Smaller town, so not far to get anywhere. A gym close by is important for me, and especially with gas prices :wink:

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Have some new info for my gym workouts. I finally got with a guy that was recommended at the gym, to help me with using the Smith Machine for my squats! I think I mention somewhere on here that I just couldn’t lift the barbells, even without weights. He explained to me that on the SM, the weight doesn’t seem as heavy (I’m just paraphrasing here) but he showed me exactly how to work the SM and the form for my body. It was right with my form I’ve been using with the Swiss Ball which some will know how easy it is to do the squats with a ball. You still have to use the ball right of course etc.

He was impressed that I held the form he told me to, and taught me how to make sure the neck-pad I wanted to use, was placed in the most comfy part of my neck/shoulder area. Wow, it was neat and I only did one set of 12 and it was the best workout I’ve ever done doing squats :slight_smile:

I can’t wait til next trip to gym. I’ll now be doing the Smith Machine for squats, and I started some of the larger colored free-weight dumb-bells too. I still love my resistance weight machine and do my usual 4-5 exercises on that too :slight_smile:

Just wanted to let everyone know that helped me when I was wanting to move into some free-weight stuff, and thank you again. I realize I will probably always use the SM, not free-weight squats but I feel really good about that since this is the first time in my life I’ve stuck with workouts :grin:

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So happy to hear this! good for you and your persistence!

(Denise) #29

Thanks Robin, sometimes I sure don’t want to go. But I am getting there sometimes only 2 times in 7 days but I shoot for atleast 3 which I make probably half the time. It’s easy to go out walking, but I’ve seen more benefits from the weights, plus, getting with people, even if I don’t get to talk with any of the ones that are there that day, atleast I’m finally going on a semi regular basis :wink:

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You’re moving your body and you’re around people. That’s 2 of my big goals, right there!

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Have to say that I agree with @lfod14 about Smith machines and squats (or any motion for that matter). But that’s as someone who started squatting at 16 and is now pushing 60.

If you feel as if you’re getting a good workout with a Smith machine, I’d continue, but if you can get to squat without one, that would be better. Do they even have a wooden “bar” or something similar you could use? This would help you develop form while developing strength via the Smith machine.

(Denise) #32

I really think from my perspective, being a beginner basically, at 69 years old, the safer the better. The Swiss Ball is excellent for me, and now the Smith Machine is the second safest as far as keeping my form correct. I can also understand it wouldn’t be good to become totally dependent on that “depending” on how far I want to get in building muscle. Just seems logical, the more free the movement, the more muscles utilized. Just my 2 cents :wink: