I feel like crap - Day 10 Encouragement please!

(Tracy) #21

Nope. This is def Keto related because pickle juice has never made me feel better before this. Lol. Day 11: feeling a wee bit better. Managed to get out of bed at 9AM(an improvement). I got some housework done, started to feel crappy, ate cheese, olive oil with salt: felt better.

It seems I started to go down hill day 5 to Day 9 and now I’m slowly climbing out of it. I’m thinking I really did not take that salt thing as seriously as I should have. I was adding salt, which I did not normally do, but since I did not notice frequent urination, I wasn’t on high alert for dehydration. I’m very grateful to have the help of others to get through this.

I’ve been a sugar addict all my life, apparently, and did not know it until now.

(Vivienne Clampitt) #22

May I ask, what do you mean by pickle juice? I live in U.K. , I haven’t come across this here.


You can do it!!! Im on week 4 and I went through what youre going through at about the exact same time. I had about a whole week of feeling crappy (week 2) but it will pass!

Take it as an excuse to lay on the couch and watch your favorite TV shows and drink hot chicken broth! Make some fat bombs as a snack or do whatever is comforting to you! Hot soaking bath? A “slow” walk, etc etc

Im not sure any change to your macros will help you feel better this week, its just a matter of being strong and telling your body you will win while its adjusting.

(Marta Loftfield) #24

@Viv pickle juice is the fluid from a dill pickle jar😊

(Vivienne Clampitt) #25

Thank you.
And what are the benefits of pickle juice? Or have I missed a thread somewhere on the forum?

(Marta Loftfield) #26

@Viv It is a great source of electrolytes that has been fermented. Should help with leg cramps and keto flu symptoms.

(Vivienne Clampitt) #27

Ok, thank you. Will have to have a look in the pickle section at our local supermarket, see what is available!

(Marta Loftfield) #28

@Viv I couldn’t find a pickle thread😊. Make sure there is no sugar in the pickles.

(Vivienne Clampitt) #29

Thanks for the advice, I am getting better at reading labels these days.

(Britain Davidson) #30

Yesterday was th worst for me. I really thought I had the flu. But I realized it was from being on keto. It was my seventh day in and day 5 of the Keto Flu. I was tired of feeling that way so I ate a huge piece of cheese and I instantly felt better. For the first few days I was only eating 1200 calories and quickly realized it was too little so I upped it to 1500 and I am doing better today. Maybe up your calorie intake? I have and I am still losing weight. I am so far down 9 lbs.

(Lisa D) #31

Oh man! I was 10 days in and felt the same for a full week… until I fell out last weekend due to 50th bday parties and road trip from So. to Nor Cal. I feel better now… hahaha. But seriously, contemplating getting back on a modified keto diet with a few more carbs from veggies this time. (I was sticking to 20 g carb previously) I weight train 3 days a week and try to do a walk or cardio the other 3 - with one day off. I was feeling total muscle fatigue, like passing out on the elliptical, sleepy - was drinking 64 oz of water per day, added pink sea salt - took BCAA’s but could not get past feeling like crap. Does Keto Flu last THAT long? Wondering if I was doing it all wrong - and still wondering if I SHOULD go full keto again. I’m with you! You are not alone.


I felt pretty drained for 3 weeks I think, then it gradually passed. So glad I stuck with it, I feel so good on keto!

(Lisa D) #33

Jules! Thank you for your response. I got back on my keto diet and am feeling incredible the past three days. I feel stronger during my workouts, great energy throughout the day, moods are elevated, this is bizarre!!! So happy I got back to it and persevered. I do weigh 2lbs more but I feel great. My goal was originally to lose 10lbs but now I’ve modified that to fit into my smaller clothing sizes. I hate the scale! Anyway, I encourage you to stick with it!

(Vivienne Clampitt) #35

Thank you. I have found some pickled Gherkins over here with 2.6g of carbs (sugar) per 100g dry weight. As I only eat one at a time it doesn’t cause me a problem, so the juice per tablespoon may not cause spikes in sugar levels either. May give this pickle juice a try! It was the best I could find in the supermarkets. I personally dont see why sugar is added at all.

(c64ec7e1cfe4487722de) #36

Agreed. The sugar is unnecessary. Glad you found some you like. Cheers.

(A Tabitha Ann Swanks) #37

So glad you posted this. I’m on day 10 also. I’m wondering how you are doing now

(J B Treece) #38

Hey. I’m on day 10 and since I’ve not felt bad since day 4 I thought something else was wrong today but came to the conclusion that it’s keto flu. Hang in there. We can do this

(Give me bacon, or give me death.) #39

Just for the record, keto “flu” is a symptom of sodium deficiency. It is easy to prevent by getting a bit more salt in our diet.


2 years later on this thread?
Is the original poster even here still? just wondering but good info on the board.

detox/adaption/change is hard, only way to NOT FEEL like crap and super tired and crazy literally thru this change is HOLD the change LOL

the ‘other side’ is fabulous. Is wonderful. Is health and vitality and energy and brain clarity and more.

the other side of the crazy adaption times can be so different for many but in the end…get to that other side come hell or highwater and when ya get here, you joined us and improvements come and life is great :slight_smile:
hold strong, rough is rough but we can all get thru it if ya want this big change bad enough!! :wink: