I cooked chicken mince 3 days over use by date


The last butter I bought is pretty easy to spread cold, I don’t know why, it’s unusual but it tastes proper butter, it is allegedly proper butter… It’s a little but important difference, it’s still not super soft, it’s butter but our bread is dense. Mine is soft but I don’t actually care about spreading, a slice works for me. It’s still nice if the butter is a tad softer.

But I don’t see the problem and margarine is crap so of course we buy butter. We keep a little bit in the butter container so it’s soft and the rest of the 250g brick (sometimes 100g but the big ones are more common and usually they go on sale) in the fridge so everything is well. It would spoil if we didn’t refridgerate most of it but we eat it in moderation.


my butter is fridge all the time

I MELT in a high heat pan my butter at all times LOL so no issues ever.

the carby family can deal with their own ‘needing softy’ butter issues, I just don’t care enough on that one HAHA

(Laurie) #23

I might eat meat a day or two after the date. It depends. For example, the ground beef I buy in sealed tubes, yes. But if it’s store wrapped, no.

I’ve had food poisoning and other “bad food” reactions to meat and bread, well before the expiration date. So you never know, really.


I’ve cooked chicken past the date a couple of times, too, especially when it’s still looking and smelling good. Trusting your senses can be a lifesaver. As for beef, yeah, it does seem to have a longer grace period. I also like cooking a lot of chicken wings for a few days, and I use this calculator to know how many I need. It’s fine to eat leftovers.

(Alec) #25

Trust the nose… finely tuned through millions of years of evolution. Far more accurate than a date on the packaging.

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Well come the the Forum skyler

when Chicken goes bad it goes quick and it stinks. Beef I don’t think is so bad, if it goes a bit brown from red I still use it.


I always trust my nose with such things. Although, my sense of smell has been notably declining with age. I may miss the scent of some types of roses, but I do think my smell of food is perfectly intact still.

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #28

Cheese on the other hand is different. Smellier the better, and if things are moving in it … then that’s better still :stuck_out_tongue: … so it is with one Italian cheese I believe. Casu Marzu
Cheese with meat included must be a good deal!


No, I never ever do go over with packaged meats, I guess I am chicken. :innocent:

if it has a use by date I follow it….but I buy some meat fresh from a butcher, so no dates on that. The fresh meats without a date I eat within 3 days.

Currently I am eating a carnivore diet and my fridge has meats displayed in order of expiry, nothing in the fridge that is ‘use by’ in less than 5 days from now, except a pork chop I bought fresh yesterday that I will eat tomorrow. I usually aim to eat fresh meats at least 4 days before expiry. Partly because I am eating only organic or free range grass fed meats now and I am paying more for them…don’t want to waste anything.

Frozen stuff I ignore the use by dates.