I Am Soooo imperfect!



I’ve been doing this for 7 weeks and I fluctuate with my eating habits and I’m trying to find stability… I don’t know… I just wanted to say that I’m trying!
Being an X sugar addict it’s a fight! Plus i luv my rum at nite!
I wish i could be perfect!
i guess i just want u to share yer TREAK!
What’s yer journey?
Do u get down on yourself… ya know… STRUGGLES! ???

(Laurie) #2

I’m struggling a bit right now. I think it’s the winter blahs, with perhaps a touch of flu or cold. I just don’t feel strong, and that includes feeling a bit weak when it comes to eating right.

When I was successful with Atkins 10+ years ago, I lived with a person who ate what I ate, plus a few things that I wasn’t interested in (e.g., potatoes, beer). Now, the person I live with eats a wide variety of junk food, including some things that I find pretty tempting.

It can be discouraging when things go wrong and I cross the line, but I know it’s better to get back on the horse sooner rather than later.

Good luck to you, @TeeCee!

(Katie the Quiche Scoffing Stick Ninja ) #3

You need to stop beating yourself up and realise this is a lifestyle, and in life there are moments where we need to be sad, to enjoy, to be with our family, etc.

No one is perfect.
You are 7 weeks in, I am 7 months in, and I am still struggling with choices and daily planning around social events and all sorts of things, as you get better and know your body, it’s easier to navigate, but until then just hang on and don’t beat yourself up.

I have been sabotaging my own progress on the weekends for the last month and I recognise that, it’s only because I am so sick and tired of it happening that I’m now willing to change it.

You’ll be fine!


If you just KCKO, you will find your comfort zone. The place where you have found a style of keto which YOU are happy with. Sure, some people can lose weight quickly with keto, but it’s the long term where you will find the major benefits.

WHATEVER happens, just keep going. If you eat some things that you weren’t planning to… … … don’t worry about it. KCKO. If you can look back in 6 months time and say to yourself:- ‘There have been times where I have eaten things I didn’t plan on, but overall, I have been keto for 6 months now’ YOU’VE CRACKED IT!!

If you look back in 6 months time and say to yourself:- ‘I went off the keto diet for that weekend, and never got round to getting back on it. I wish I’d just gone back to it on the Monday’, you’ll probably be feeling very deflated and sorry for yourself.



Thank you so much it makes me feel like I’m not the only one.
All of your responses are so helpful!

(#inforthelonghaul, KCKO, KCFO) #6

IDM says “go for progress, not perfection.” A good motto to remember when you get down on yourself.
There is no PERFECT in our world.

(Regina) #7

“Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.” That applies to all of life, as well as keto.


I know cause it’s so easy to be sad for a whole day due to regret which is so stupid

(When in doubt, keep your carbs under 20g) #9

None of us are perfect, @TeeCee, that’s why we’re here eating keto. :slight_smile: