Hyaluron, Covid-19 and low-carb?

(alex) #1


Researchers in Sweden have discovered that a molecule called hyaluron is in overdrive and drowning a lot of Covid-19 patients.

I read somewhere that this molecule is created by sugar?

Could low-carb be a thing that protects us from severe outcomes?

Anyone who has knowledge about this?

I have no English article but if you use google translate you will understand. Swedish to English works very well.

(Jane) #2

Interesting article - thanks. Being able to provide treatment to prevent drowning in your own fluids is a big deal! Drugs are already approved for safety - just need to approve for COVID-19.

And yes, it appears from the translation that the harmful substance is formed from the breakdown of “grape sugar” (fructose? glucose? need a Swede here to interpret) in the body and may explain why diabetics are at greater risk for complications.

(alex) #3

I’m Swedish, druvsocker=glucose.

Druvsocker translates literally to grape sugar

(Jane) #4